You’ve GOT to be kidding! The wheels on idiots go round and round

You’ve GOT to be kidding! The wheels on idiots go round and round

Written by Robert D. Sollars

I just read an article about the 6-year- old who shot his teacher in Newport News, VA. Back on the 6th. What they reported in that article was utterly ridiculous! It was knee-jerk reactions at their best. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money for absolutely no good reason, except to placate the community and school violence activists, so you see the significance of the title…mainly because they still don’t know how he got the firearm into the school! What The Fuck!

They searched his backpack 2 hours earlier when a ‘rumor’ floated around that he actually had a pistol. Nothing was found in his backpack. The article didn’t say if anywhere else was searched for the pistol, but that makes sense, doesn’t it?

Usually, the media will over-hype the idea that he smuggled it in by making a point that everywhere the child had been was searched thoroughly. But noooo, only his backpack. Then there was the rest of the article that indicated these things:

#1 Metal detectors would be present at the main doors during class start and end times, meaning only one entry/exit point at that time. That’s smart, something I advocated in my school violence book in 2018, Murder in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Prevention. But metal detectors? Kids ‘snitch’ on each other, despite the risk of being labeled a ‘tattle tale!

#2 A security officer would be present full-time instead of part-time. That’s also smart due to the fact that a school involves an ever-changing atmosphere and needs an officer’s undivided attention. If they’re part-time, then they hafta play catch-up on a constant basis. Should have been this way all along.

#3 The school district is going to start requiring clear backpacks, which of course paid for by the taxpayers. Why should those who don’t have kids be required to pay for clear backpacks to prevent the bad stuff from entering? Trust a security expert, you can hide anything from anyone if you’re smart enough and diligent in your planning.

#4 They are going to consult with the Uvalde Texas school district to discover what went wrong and how they should have avoided it, despite the fact that the ex-security chief still denies any wrongdoing in the mass murder of children.

#5 They are closing off the main vestibule with glass to enable the staff who is wanting into the building via buzzer & intercom. Again, that’s smart, another item I proposed in my book mentioned above. But yet, once again, why has this been done before, especially after Sandy Hook, Uvalde, and the innumerable incidents of people entering a school and committing these murders?

Bunch of fucking idiots who have their heads up their asses and see the world as filled with sunshine, rainbows, unicorns, and nice gentle people. What a load of bullshit! As Rocky Balboa said, the world ain’t got that (paraphrasing).

As usual, the knee-jerk reactions of school security people, the administrators – in both the school & the districts, and people in the community aren’t satisfied with anything unless they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix a problem, that should have been done years ago. None of them are security experts and don’t know their ass from a hole in their heads!

They will be the first ones to raise a fit and a hoo & a cry when it becomes too expensive and it starts costing far more money than they wanted to spend. Much like what happened after 9/11.

Logical, reasonable, & careful diligent consideration of the problem is what’s needed. Unfortunately, those people are driven by politics and not the safety and security of the kids under their control. That is definitely sad and should never be allowed to happen.

Unfortunately, it does happen. Just as unfortunately, it happens across the country in small, and large, school districts. From DeKalb school district in Missouri to New York, NYC, and Los Angeles. It needs to be stopped and these idiots be held accountable for having the forethought to prevent these needless tragedies.

So as the song, we all learned in either pre-school or kindergarten…The wheels on the bus go round & round, but now it’s the song I used above, The wheels on idiots go round and round, You can smell the smoke burning the gears of reasonable logic!     Twitter: RobertSollars2     e-mail:

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