You’d Have Thought It was August by the Number of Incidents!

You’d Have Thought It was August by the Number of Incidents!

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

On February 2, I received a report that 14 mainly black colleges received bomb threats February 1. Several colleges, that I specifically received threats about are listed in the numbers below. The others, that I didn’t receive a report from but, were included in the 14, are listed in the overall numbers. It’s a shame that because of Black History Month, we have to have this kind of crap in this country…not just black colleges, but any bomb threats or threat of violence towards those attempting to gain an education.

Also, if you didn’t hear, it was a professor from UCLA who threatened several other faculty and buildings and was then arrested in Boulder Co. on the 1st. Goes to prove that the average perpetrator can’t always be pronounced and thought of. Fortunately, he didn’t follow through with the threats.

On the 6th of February, I learned that more than 9,700 incidents of lasers being pointed at aircraft while in flight across the country, resulting in more than 20 serious eye injuries. In Arizona, the number increased from 314 to nearly 350. Someone really wants to kill or injure, a lot of people, don’t they?

Add these numbers, and the ones below,  into the number of flight attendants assaulted, and you’re getting the idea that there might be more than 16 million incidents of WPV/SV per year

Also on the 7th of February, I learned that Maryland schools had a total of 7 school violence incidents reported. Ranging from threats of a mass shooting to actual false reports of shootings at a high school. There was also one of a 13-year-old girl stomping the head of another student causing significant head injuries and putting her in the local ICU.

And because of the Russian intrusion upon Ukraine in a war because of their cowardice and paranoia, most of the WPV/SV incidents were shoved to the back burner towards the end of the month, as you can tell in this report.


Bridgewater, VA. February 1 (school)             2d

Boulder, CO. (school threat)                            0

Richfield, MN. February 1 (High School)        1d     2w

Atlanta. GA. February 1 (school)                     0

Albany, NY. February 1 (school)                      0

Baltimore, MD. February 1 (school)               0

Fort Valley, GA. February 1 (school)               0

Frankfort, KY. February 1 (school)                  0

Itta Bena, MS. February 1                                 0

Jackson, MS. February 1                                   0

Jacksonville, FL. February 1 (school)              0

Lorman, MS. February 1 (school)                    0

New Orleans, LA. February 1 (school)            0

Washington D.C. February 1 (school)             0

Pittsburgh, PA. February 2 (school)                0

Pittsburgh, PA. February 2 (school)                0

Pittsburgh, PA. February 2 (school)                0

Tucson, AZ. February 3 (threat)                                1w

Richland, WA. February 7 (retail)                   1d      1w

Hackensack, NJ. February 7 (hospital)          1d

Avondale, AZ. February 9 (parking lot)                    1w

Westland, MI. February 9 (hospital)                         1w

Buffalo, NY. February 9 (school)                                2w

Elk Grove, CA. February 9 (school)                           1w

Phoenix, AZ. February 11 (DV)                        2d        9w

Phoenix, AZ. February 11 (skatepark)            1d

Lansdale, PA. February 13 (school)                 0

Phoenix, AZ. February 14 (parking lot)           1d

Jerome, AZ. February 16 (forest rd)                           1w

Mesa, AZ. February 17 (multiple local)         1d

Tempe, AZ. February 21 (shopping area)                  5w

Glendale, AZ. February 23 (retail)                   1d

Las Vegas, NV. February 26 (Hooka Bar)               12W

Sacramento, CA. February 28 (church-DV)    5D

February: 37 Incidents   16 Dead 32 Wounded

Year-to-Date: 1,863                          Arizona: 22

These numbers reflect the FAA numbers on laser attacks and personal attacks on flight crews.

25 Dead   61 wounded

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