Year-end numbers of Workplace/School Violence Incidents

Written By: Robert D. Sollars

Here are the accumulated numbers of the incidents I collected in 2020. There aren’t as many as they are normally, but I have to attribute that to the number and length of lock-downs that we have experienced over the course of the year due to the pandemic.

Usually, there are more than 200 incidents with more than 200 killed and 300 wounded/injured in these numbers…still a far cry from the 15 million incidents that are reported every year, according to the University of South Florida in 2005.

The point remains, however, that WPV/SV can and will occur anywhere for any reason. Many of the incidents below are of upset customers at a gas station, fast food joint, or similar that begin to yell, scream, and then assault a clerk with a large cup of soda or hot French fries…may not be much of an assault but tell that to the one who it’s directed at.

This is why I crusade against WPV/SV, making it my life’s mission, to prevent these events. Psychological trauma can cause irreparable harm to a person, especially if they may be on the edge themselves. And as I said before, no one may know how fragile these people are, psychologically, until the moment of the incident, which of course can be with them in the direct line assault or just witnessing it.

One item, if you’ve read my writings for long, you’ll notice is that the number of states that had recorded numbers increased in 2020. Usually, it’s more than 20 states report no incident, and 30 or so that do. This year it’s less than 15 states reporting no incidents, and the remainder having at least one of them.

But, without further ado…


Chandler, AZ. December 3 (store)                  1w

Phoenix, AZ. December 11 (retail)                 1w      1d

New York, NY. December 13 (church)                      1d

Bethesda, MD. December 15 (railroad)         1w

Glendale, AZ. December 15 (shopping)         2w

Whittier, CA. December 22 (DV-mall)                     1d

Nashville, TN. December 25 (bomb)              3w      2d

Phoenix, AZ. December 25 (DV)                     2w

Rockford, IL. December 26 (bowling alley)   3w      3d

December:9  incidents 8 dead  13 wounded


Year-to-date:  215 incidents  Arizona: 74

103 dead   293 wounded


Arizona                                                                  73

California                                                               17

Texas                                                                      14

New York                                                               13

Florida                                                                    11

Michigan                                                                6

Pennsylvania                                                         5

Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey,           4

Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Washington D.C., Wisconsin


Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington,


Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, West Virginia, North Dakota, Virginia


Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Wyoming, Vermont, Utah



Now you’ve read them…let’s go out of our way to prevent any more from happening to family, friends, colleagues, or just plain old co-workers.

It happens to Anyone…Any Time… Anywhere… For any Reason

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

Permission to share? Of course, with full attribution.

Copyright 2021 Robert D. Sollars

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