Workplace & School Violence Numbers by State for 2022

Workplace & School Violence Numbers by State for 2022

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

The first thing I want to point out in this blog is that just because Arizona tops the list of most WPV/SV incidents in 2022, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a violent state. Of course, there is a lot of violence, you can’t have 5 million people and not have violence. And because I live here, I hear more about Arizona incidents rather than the multitude of those across the country.

Secondly, just because a state isn’t listed here as having an incident, doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any. Every state in the country has either WPV/SV incidents. How many times have you heard about a threat of something against a school or business in a state that isn’t listed here?

You must remember that there are more than 16 million incidents of WPV/SV every…single…year in this country. Most are not reported on in a national fashion. Some are, and I get news feeds from across the country, from Boston to Los Angeles.

The main problem is that racism was 70 years ago and domestic violence until a few years ago, just wasn’t reported as such. How many people do you personally know that have been visited by either of those? I dare say practically every single one of us.

Also remember, that the total number of incidents you read on Friday, included the number of airline pilots that were affected by lasers pointed at them while in flight and the number of flight attendants that were assaulted on a plane. Most of these incidents had no city to put them in, so the numbers reflect the total number, not individual cities…the numbers come from pilot/airline & flight attendant organizations.

Now on to the totals for the individual states;


Arizona                                                            118


California, Massachusetts, New York             14


Pennsylvania                                                      13


Maryland                                                            11


Florida                                                                 10


Georgia                                                                8


Texas                                                                    6


Nevada, Ohio                                                       5


Illinois, Louisiana, Montana,                              4


Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Virginia


Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington D.C, Washington, Wisconsin                                                               2


Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia,           1


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