Were Active Shooters present in September?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

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A recent Incident I just heard of that occurred in March: A 7-year-old bi-racial girl had her hair cut by a teacher, teachers aide, & a librarian. They stated it was to make both sides even after the father had taken her to a hair salon the day before. A classmate had clipped the hair on a school bus before the salon.

Another incident occurred in State College, PA on August 27. A professor at Penn State, grabbed the protest sign from a student, dragging him to the ground and bloodying his nose and face. They were protesting against the vaccination mandate from the University.

Winston-Salem, NC. Sept. 1 (school) 1d
Buckeye, AZ. Sept 1 (tow truck driver) 1d
Gainesville, FL. Sept 1 (school) 0
Gainesville, FL. Sept 2 (school) 0

Tucson, AZ. Sept 2 (school) 0
Towson, MD. Sept. 4 (university) 3w
Casa Grande, AZ. Sept. 5 (hotel) 1d
Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 7 (barbershop) 1w
Golden Valley, AZ. Sept. 7 (C-store) 1w
Lehigh Acres, FL. Sept. 9 (school) 0
Dayton, OH. Sept 9 (govt) 0
Phoenix, az. Sept 10 (govt) 0
Gainesville, FL. Sept 13 (school) 0
Lake Zurich, IL. Sept 15 (school) 0
Mesa, AZ. Sept 15 (school) 0
Mesa, AZ. Sept. 16 (school) 0
Waddell, AZ. Sept 16 (school) 0
Chandler, AZ. Sept. 17 (hotel/DV) 1w
Mesa, AZ. Sept 16 (school) 0
Tolleson, AZ. Sept. 19 (hotel) 2w
Syracuse, NY. Sept 19 (school) 0
Newport News, VA. Sept 20 (school) 2w
Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 22 (C-Store) 1w
Collierville, TN. Sept. 23 (grocery store) 2d13w
Phoenix. AZ. Sept. 23 (retail) 1w
Yuma, AZ. Sept. 23 (school bus) 21w
Scottsdale, AZ. Sept 24 (hospital) 4w
Tempe, AZ. September 25 (theater) 2w
Long Beach, CA. Sept. 27 (school) 1d
Memphis, TN. Sept 30 (school) 1w
September:32 incidents 6 dead 53 wounded
Year-to-Date: 4,1789 Arizona: 96
146 Dead 249 wounded

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