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Welcome to the blog for my new company: Sollars Violence Prevention Training & Consulting. We want to be considered the go-to training & consulting company for both workplace & school violence (WPV/SV) prevention.

I am Robert D. Sollars, owner, let me give you a brief rundown of my experience, knowledge, & skills to help you stay safe & secure or help your clients do the same:

I’ve been in the security field for nearly 40 years, becoming interested in this topic in the mid-80s with all the shootings in postal facilities throughout the country. Then there was the incident at Mid-Buchanan Middle School (just south of my hometown St. Joseph, MO.) in 1988, with Nathan Faris attempting to rectify a bullying issue. In the early 90s more became abundantly clear about WPV and I decided to make it my specialty

I’ve been a participant of both school & workplace violence in my life, having more than 7 dozen incidents in the past 50 odd years or so. I learned early not to back down and fight when possible to get rid of bullies., and now that shows through with my training and consulting.

I’ve worked for several contract security companies in my time, from the now-defunct Wells Fargo Guard Services (now Securitas), starting in 1983, to the also defunct First Response, Inc. in 2001, of Mission, Kansas.

My training and consulting style is different than you may have experienced in the past from other salesmen, consultants, coaches, or instructors. I’m making it a point to be blunt, honest, succinct, and in your face when it comes to saving your life or the lives of customers, students, employees, vendors, or anyone who enters your facility. I hold nothing back and push it straight through it for you to get my point.

Is my style upsetting to some? Of course, it is, and I’ll gladly lose those clients if necessary, who don’t want the unvarnished truth about either topic or the ways to handle it. But I will tell you, you need to get out of your comfort zone and walk a mile in the Arizona summer heat or North Dakota winter snow to realize how deep you’re in & how to get out. I’ll show you how to get out of that life-threatening weather, with effective, efficient, financially responsible, & honest training and consulting.

I’ll train anyone within your organization on all or any of the aspects, and there are many, of either WPV/SV prevention.

They can last from one hour to well over eight hours…depending on your needs and budget. The surprising thing about my services is that I can, and will, perform any workshops or seminars any time day or night 24/7/365. From 0200 to 1400 on Christmas or New Year’s Day.

I WILL work within your framework of being financially responsible to ensure your facility is safe & secure. I’m not out to make a killing off of your organization, just want to keep you safe from either one of these threats. My rates are much lower than you’ll find for other consultants…with payments to make them manageable if needed.

For those that didn’t cross over from Facebook…want to keep updated with the latest WPV/SV news? I will continue to post those articles and other items on my Facebook page. You can access that page at www.facebook.com/robertdsollars .

That’s it for now. Watch for these blogs on subject areas that YOU WILL need sooner or later…and isn’t it better to be prepared than taking a shot in the shorts?

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

Copyright 2020 Robert D. Sollars

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