Was Violence Blustery for March?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

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Winnie the Pooh had absolutely nothing to do on a blustery day in the forest this month. On the other hand, EMTs, hospitals, & law enforcement had blustery winds blowing hard in their direction, especially in the last week of the month.

While the number of incidents was smaller than expected, the death toll rose precipitously over other monthly totals. 30 people killed this month bringing the yearly total to nearly 60.


Pine Bluff, AR. March 1 (school)                 1w

Phoenix, AZ. March 1 (C-Store)                             1d

Granite Falls, NC. March 1 (residence)      0

Pensacola, FL. March 2 (hospital)               0

Boulder, CO. March 5 (campus party)      5w

Phoenix, AZ. March 6 (traffic)                     2w

Scottsdale, AZ. March 6 (retail)                  6w

Tucson, AZ. March 7 (motel)                                  1d

Las Vegas, NV. March 9 (hotel)                              2d

Chandler, AZ. March 12 (mall)                    3w

Atlanta, GA. March 16 (3 massage parlors)  1w     8d

OCONOMOWOC, WI. March 17 (warehouse        3d

Dallas, TX. March 20 (nightclub)                    7w    1d

Detroit, MI. March 21 (Hookah lounge)          8w

Pittsburgh, PA. March 21 (McDonald’s)           6w

Boulder, CO. March 22 (store)                                      10d

Idalou, TX. March 22 (military)                                           0

Glendale, AZ. (store)                                          1w

Glendale, AZ. March 31 (DV)                                          2d

El Mirage, AZ March 31 (school threat)                            0

Orange, CA. March 31 (office bldg.)                 2w     4d

March: 19 incidents 30 Dead 48 Wounded


Year-to-Date: 51 Arizona:30

59 Dead    77 wounded

It happens to Anyone…Any Time… Anywhere… For any Reason

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

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