Was The Christmas Season a reason for violence?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

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Heard on Wednesday the 21st of December that the FAA is going to start cracking down and issuing more than just fines to those who disrupt a flight due to assault, threats, intimidation, and etc. They reported more than 5,500 incidents on-board flights this year, with more than 4,000 of those being over mask-wearing mandates.

Also heard, that there were more than 150 incidents of threats on school campuses after the Oxford, MI. shootings on November 30. I don’t have all of those incidents but have added them to the total for the year. That statistic comes from the Campus Safety Newsletter of 12-23-21.

Learned of an incident that occurred in Louisville, KY on September 22: A 16-year-old high school student was shot and killed at a school bus stop while talking with 2 other students. The shooters, both 16, were arrested the week of 12-6. There have been more than 175 homicides in Louisville this year, 165 by firearms.

Another interesting note to this month’s numbers: On the 14th an active Phoenix police officer, stripped of his police powers, entered a classroom in Hillside, IL. And attacked a 17-year-old student without provocation. The officer was acting as an SRO in the school.

You’ll obviously notice as you begin to read below, that the early part of the month was dominated by school violence incidents. All of these were after the November 30 shooting at Oxford, MI. It goes to prove that schools aren’t immune to violence, despite the hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions, of dollars spent on the issue.

I’ll continue to state that my methods work best and are much less expensive than all of the other methods that have been put forward. The best part of my plans…they involve the parents and getting to know the students…as well as can be expected with, sometimes, more than 2,000 students in the school.



Harrisburg, TN. December 2 (school)             0

Harrisburg, TN. December 2 (school)             0

Scottsdale, AZ. December 3 (school)               0

Melbourne, FL. December ?? (school)           1d     4W

Phoenix, AZ. December 7 (school)                  0

Camp Verde, AZ. December 7 (school)           0

Surprise, AZ. December 7 (school)                  0

Killeen, TX. December 7 (mall)                                 1w

Phoenix, AZ. December 8 (threat)                  0

Oklahoma City, OK.  December 9 (airplane)           3w

Phoenix, AZ. December 6 (arena)                   0

Tempe, AZ. December 9 (library)                    0

Daytona Beach, FL. December 9 (threat)       0

Hillside, IL. December 14 (school)                          1w

Tempe. AZ. December 14 (school)                  0

Phoenix, AZ. December 14 (suicide att)               1w

Gilbert, AZ. December 15 (school)                  0

Mesa, AZ. December 16 (cop)                               1w

Miami, FL. December 20 (airport)                       3w

Atlanta, GA. December 23 (flight)                       4w

Phoenix. AZ. December 26 (nightclub)                3w

Denver, CO. December 28 (multiple loc)       5d    3w

Minneapolis, MN. December 31 (Mall)                 2w

December:   23 Incidents    6 Dead    26 wounded

Year-to-Date: 5,2002 Arizona: 125

183 Dead    464 wounded

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