Was October as Spooky as September?

I Learned of an incident that occurred in Wichita, KS, on the 7th of September outside of a nightclub. A man was kicked out of the club but came back and started shooting. The man killed was shielding his pregnant sister who was also wounded. Four other women were also wounded in the barrage of gunfire. The suspect was arrested in Phoenix on the 9th.

Houston, TX. October 1 (school) 1w
Philadelphia, PA. October 1 ( Ofc. Bldg)1d
Phoenix, AZ. October 1 (school bus) 0
Tucson, AZ. October 4 (AMTRAK) 2D2W
Philadelphia, PA. October 4 (hospital) 1d3w
Arlington, TX. October 6 (school) 4w
Covington, LA. October 6 (school) 1w
Rochester, NY. October 8 (school) 2w
Phoenix, AZ. October 9 (CStore) 1w
El Mirage, AZ. October 12 (school) 1w
Chicago, IL. October 12 (school) 2w
Atlanta, GA. October 13 (restaurant) 0
Grambling, LA. October 13 (school) 1d3w
Mobile, AL. October 15 (school) 5w
Grambling, LA. October 17 (school) 1d7w
Superior, NE. October 21 (grain ele.) 3D1w
Glendale, AZ. October 22 (nightclub) 1w
Baltimore, MD. October 23 (school) 1d
Ft. Valley, GA. October 23 (school) 1d7w
Glendale, AZ. October 25 (gas station) 1w
Boise, ID. October 25 (mall) 2d5w
Yuma, AZ. October 28 (school) 0
Scotsdale, AZ. October 29 (school) 1w
Avondale, AZ. October 31 (fast food) 1w
October: 24 incidents 13 dead 57 wounded

Year-to-Date: 4,181 Arizona: 105
160 Dead 309 wounded

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