Was October a scary spooky month for violence ?

In the news media…they weren’t, but for regular everyday people…they should be. These incidents I collected should be indicative of the issue we face. These incidents below are just a few of the ones that have happened in the real world, outside of politics, although it played a role in more than a few on the list. Remember, the University of South Florida estimated that there were more than 15 million incidents a year…although less than 12% of that number is actually reported as such in the media.

Also, I read a news report from Las Vegas recently that stated that the ‘Strip’ had experienced several hundred stabbings, fistfights, and shooting or two there. Several of these were a result of incidents inside the casinos & hotels. Thinking on the smaller end of this, at least 75 incidents that I’ve never heard of or could count, no dates, locations, or facts to any of them. Keep that in mind when thinking g that USF and myself are off our proverbial rockers for saying such things.


Mesa, AZ. October 5 (airport)                     2w

Mesa, AZ. October 9 (uber)                         1w

South Yarmouth, MA. October 9 (group home   2w

Denver, CO. October 10 (protest)                   1d

Goodyear, AZ. October 12 (DV)                  1w

Mesa, AZ. October 16 (restaurant)            1d  6w

Watertown, NY. October 16 (gov’t)          1w

Baltimore, MD. October 17 (polling)         1w

San Francisco, CA. October 17 (protest)   2w

Arlington, TX. October 19 (football)          1w

Los Angeles, CA. October 19 (political)     0

Phoenix, AZ. October 20 (prisoner)       0

Houston, TX. October 22 (DV)                     1d  2w

Scottsdale, AZ. October 24 (political)        0

Boston, MA. October 24 (political)            0

Chicago, IL. October 25 (store)                   1w

Phoenix, AZ. October 26 (parking lot)      1d

Phoenix, AZ. October 26 (threat)               0

Philadelphia, PA. October 26 (protest)     30w

October: 18 incidents  3 dead 50 wounded


Year-to-date:  197 incidents  Arizona: 66

9 dead   257 wounded

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