Was October a Dark & Spooky Month for Violence?

Was October a Dark & Spooky Month for Violence?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Learned of an incident, just after posting the numbers for September. In Oregon on September 26th. A transgender student was pulled to the floor by his/her backpack. The perpetrator then grabbed their hair and started, violently, pulling it side to side. The words that were said: “Stop saying what you did!” “I didn’t say anything” This occurred in between 8th grade students.

Also, in Phoenix, AZ. On the 28th of August a middle school student, name, school, and grade weren’t announced, made shooting threats against fellow classmates. When his bedroom was searched, police found a bag containing a firearm. How many lives were potentially saved from death, injury, or trauma? He’s askin…

In Buffalo, NY. A video shared by a teacher shows a 15-year-old female student at Burgard Vocational High School physically assaulting a teacher. Buffalo Police confirmed the incident that took place in the school’s cafeteria on Sept. 20 and said the student has been charged with assault and harassment.


Apaca, Fl. October 2 (FB practice)      2w

Baltimore, MD. October 3 (school)     5w

Madison, WI. October 4 (government)          0

Lexington, NC. October 4 (school)      0

Palm Coast, FL. October 6 (school)     3w

Bowie, Md. October 7 (school)           2w

Indiana, PA. October 8 (CommCtr)    1d 8w

Phoenix, AZ. October 9 (motel)          1w

Atlanta, GA. October 6 (airport)         3w

Palm Coast, FL. October 9 (school)     3w

Phoenix, AZ. October 10 (retail)         1d

Tempe, AZ. October 11 (university)    1w

San Mateo, CA. October 12 (retail)        1w

San Marcos, TX. October 12 (threat)  0

Princeton, MN. October 12 (police)   5w

Philadelphia, PA October 12 (airport) 1d 1w

Memphis, TN. October 12 (college)   0

Las Vegas, NV. October 12 (Amazon)  1w

Fullerton, CA. October 13 (college)    1w

Chelsea, MA. October 16, (threat)     0

Glendale, AZ. October 19 (public threat)      0

Nashville, TN. October 21 (ambush)   2w

Tucson, AZ. October 22 (school threat)

Tucson, AZ. October 23 (school threat)

Portland, OR. October 23 (air flight)   0

Lewiston, ME. October 25 (multiple locales)    18d 13w

Phoenix, AZ. October 25 (C-Store)     1d

Buffalo, NY. October 25 (school)        0

San Francisco, CA. October 26 (police)   0

Tempe, AZ. October 27 (college)        1w

Worchester, MA. October 28 (school)      1d 1w

Tampa, FL. October 29 (bar)                   2d 18w

Glenwood Springs, CO. October 26 (threat)   1d

Baltimore, MD. October 27 (school)                3w

Ithaca, NY. October 30 (college threat)           0

October:   35 incidents     26 dead   75 wounded


Year-to-date: 18,310               Arizona: 103

144 Dead         313 Wounded

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