Was November something to be thankful for?

Compiled & Written By Robert D. Sollars

Despite death & mayhem, it was a month to be thankful for. The number of incidents I recorded was down as well as the number of deaths in WPV incidents. While this is no indication of the overall trend it’s a positive sign to start the holidays with a downtrend in the death department. No one likes or wants others to cry, during this time of year because of the violence. Remember, it’s not senseless to the perpetrator…only the general public.


Washington D.C. October 3 (political)            1w

Minneapolis, MN. November 3 (political)     0

Philadelphia, PA. November 5 (threat)          0

Scottsdale, AZ. November 8 (bar)                   1w

Washington DC November 14 (protest)        6w

Phoenix, AZ. November 16 (vehicle)              1w

Phoenix, AZ. November 19 (political)             0

Phoenix, AZ. November 20 (Cstore) 3w

Wauwatosa, WI. November 21(mall)             7w        1d

Bellvue, NE. November 22 (restaurant)         2w        2d

San Jose, CA. November 23 (church)              5w         2d

Sacramento, CA. November 27 (mall)                          2d

November:  12 incidents 7 dead  25 wounded


Year-to-date:  210 incidents  Arizona: 70

98 dead   281 wounded

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