Was November a month to be Thankful for?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Learned of an incident, that occurred on the 27th of October while on a flight between New York and Orange County CA. The incident was that a passenger assaulted a flight attendant because he became angry over something, unknown at this time, and broke facial bones. She was released from the hospital that day. The airline has banned the individual from flying on their airline again.

Another incident that I just learned of in Phoenix on the 28th of October; An employee of a Dollar General store was hit and severely injured by a shoplifter, as he attempted to prevent him from leaving the store & getting a license number.

You’ve noticed that I list the number of dead & wounded in this compilation of incidents. The one thing that everyone has to remember is that there is no room for the number of people who are traumatized in this list…because that number can never be quantified. Some will never be, others will be immediately, and still others it may not set in until another similar incident occurs, possibly years down the road.


Yuma, AZ. November 2 (school)                 0

Phoenix, AZ. November 3 (cop)                  0

Fairfield, IA. November 3 (off-campus school)      1d

Eugene, OR. November 4 (UoF campus)  0

Houston, TX. November 5 (concert)         100w     10d

New York, NY. November 5 (school)         0

New York, NY. November 11 (school)       0

New Haven, CT. November (school)         0

Boston, MA. (school/MIT)                             0

The number in the news reports stated hundreds…I went with the lower number)

Nashville, TN. November 6 (church)          0

Mesa, AZ. November 8 (school)                 2w

Los Angeles, CA. November 11 (school/USC) 0

New York, NY. November 11 (school)       0

Buckeye, AZ. November 13 (QT)                           1d

Denver, CO. November 13 (airline)            1w

Phoenix, AZ. November 14 (airport)          0

Indianapolis, IN. Novem 14 (welfare chk)    3w

Tucson, AZ. November 14 (restaurant)     2w

Glendale, AZ. November 15 (school)                1d

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY, November 15 (school)            0

Springfield, IL. November 17 (school) 2w                     1d

Newburg, NY. November 17 (school)       4w

Aurora, CO. November 19 (school)                    3w

Atlanta, GA. November 20 (airport)                   3w

Newburg, NY. November 22 (school)             0

Laveen Village, AZ. November 29 (school)     1w

Oxford, MI. November 30 (school)                 7w     4d

November:  25  Incidents   17 Dead   129 Wounded


Year-to-Date: 4,1840 Arizona: 114

178 Dead    407 wounded


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