Was February the month for love…or death?

Compiled By Robert D. Sollars

Figure that out by looking at the number of incidents below. Not many people were in the mood for love or even loving their fellow man with all the violence that occurred in both schools & businesses. And speaking of violence in schools…

You’ll notice there were 6 incidents this month, the first month that most schools were re-opened to in-person learning. There were more than 2 incidents involving schools, from high schools to colleges in February. More than any month since the lock-downs and pandemic began. Will it get worse? I would say it will, just depends on how many schools return to in-person learning and when I believe.


San Diego, CA. February 1 (school)                                            1d

Avondale, AZ. February 4 (landscaper)                  1w

Las Vegas, NV. February 3 (shot range)                 1w                1d

Lafayette, CO. February 3 (nursing home)                                 1d

Fort Valley, GA. February 2 (school)                       1w

Jacksonville, FL. February 6 (school)                      1w

Avondale, AZ. February7 (mall)                                 0

Buffalo, MN. February 9 (clinic)                               5w

Glendale, AZ. February 12 (C-store)                                          1d

Knoxville, TN. February 12 (school)                                          1d

Phoenix, AZ. February 14 (mall)                              1w              1d

Phoenix, Az. February 17 (random DPS)                    0

Tucson, AZ. February 20 (school)                                               1d

Metairie, La. February 20 (gun store)                       2w              1d

Phoenix, Az. February 21 (nightclub)                                             1d

Tempe, AZ. February 25 (postal worker)                  1w

LAFB. AZ. February 26 (active shooter)                       0

New Orleans, LA. February 26 (school)                                       1d

Phoenix, Az. February 27 (car dealership)                                   1d

Phoenix, Az. February 27 (airplane)                          0

February:  20 incidents  13 dead  13 wounded


Year-to-Date: 32 Arizona:21

26 Dead    30 wounded

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