Was April a month for Pranks or Death?

There were no jokes or pranks this month. The number of incidents, reported and I recorded, were astronomical compared to the pandemic levels. It’s on par to be the same kind of year, maybe a bit more than 2019. This isn’t surprising to me in the least.

Why I feel that way you ask? People are out and about, the more people you have mingling and getting frustrated over every miniscule thing, then the more violent behavior you’ll have in the public arena. Think of it this way; if the traffic is regularly holiday light, then within a month or it goes back to the Monday morning 9 a.m. start, what do you expect? The simple answer is many more traffic accidents.

If you look specifically at the school violence incidents I collected, you’ll notice only a couple had any injuries, fatal or otherwise. Is this becoming a trend, those who care about kids would sure hope so. Will it last all year? The future is yet to unfold for both workplace & school violence.

Glendale, AZ. April 1 (C-store) – 2w
Washington D.C. April 2 (Capital) – 2d1w
Odenville, AL. April 2 (shots at police) – 1d
Concord, NC. April 2 (Wal-Mart) – 0
Phoenix, AZ. April 3 (restaurant) – 1d
Beaumont, TX. April 5 (university)- 0
FREDERICK, Md. April 6 (military) – 1d2w
Phoenix, AZ. April 6 (Homeless shelter) – 3w
Phoenix, AZ. April 6 (towing co.) – 1d
Phoenix, AZ. April 6 (school)- 0
Rockhill, SC. April 7 (physicians office) – 5d1w
Bryan, TX. April 8 – 1d4w
Tucson, AZ. April 8 (smoke shop) – 1d
Tollefson, AZ. April 11 (warehouse)- 1d
Honolulu, HI. (hotel) – 1d

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