Warning Signs that YOU Ignore – Part 6

Warning Signs that YOU Ignore – Part 6

Written by Robert D. Sollars

This has been a lengthy series of posts for you, but I wouldn’t have done this to upset your fragile minds. I’ve done this to ensure that you understand all 25 warning signs of a perpetrator of WPV]SV so you’ll recognize the signs before anything occurs.

I did forget to tell you at the beginning, that these signs are flexible for both the perpetrators of WPV/SV. With my 30-odd years in WPV & SV, I saw that all of these signs, with very little room for differing people, were all the same.

But since we’re now into the school year, already, I postpone this series for a series on school violence. Please forgive the interruption and without further adieu…


  • Inconsistent Work Habits/Decreased Productivity

What does this actually mean, other than getting, or not getting, the job accomplished? If the work habits of an individual are erratic and inconsistent from day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour on some occasions, taking in disruptions and break-down of equipment and other such items, then there may be an issue.

Likewise, if their production rate is from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the scale then… Examples are; a student has sloppy homework and the next day it is cleaned up and is nearly flawless, the next day it’s back to being horrid. The same holds true for productivity, if an employee is a rising star one day because they were on top of the heap looking like everyone else were rank amateurs, and the next day, no other reason than laziness or some such, then…

These can be signs of not just violent behavior brewing, but depression, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, personal issues with parents/significant others, friends, and even drug & alcohol abuse. All of these issues can lead someone on the path to violence on their own as well.


  • Mental Illness

This is one that I will not comment on in-depth, simply because it will take much more room than is possible in this post…check out my book, Murder at Work: A Practical Guide for Prevention there are 4 pages dedicated to this topic. The best I can say is if you think that an individual has a mental issue, then you need to discuss your fears with administration/management and have them referred for evaluation…somehow somewhere.

And yes, I have no illusions about this. NO  ONE likes to snitch. But in the case of mental illness, it can be justified. If you know the person is known for ‘loopy’ behavior…then it’s okay to let it slide. On the other hand, if they’ve never been known to act that away, then it may be time for an evaluation…drugs, alcohol, or mental illness and lack thereof of their medications.


  • New Religious/Political Fervor

This may be a surprise to most everyone who is reading this. Being realistic it is rare for new religious fervor to erupt into violence, except in the case of an Islamic extremist, but even Christian extremists can, and will, perpetrate these crimes. Political fervor is an entirely different kettle of fish. In the presidential election of 2016 and continuing until now, people who are so divided by politics are willing to perpetrate violence against others, simply for having a differing opinion. We see it in the arson of campaign headquarters and the assault of individuals from the other side, and then there are the thugs who bully, threaten, and even assault their so-called aggressors.

And if you recall the recent Presidential election, we had innumerable threats, assaults, and vandalism committed for the President Trump side of things i.e. the January 6th riot in the capitol. This fervor will continue until the country can come together and see each other’s side of things…on all issues.


 Obsession with Military/Police Tactics

I believe that this one is fairly self-explanatory. If an individual suddenly becomes enamored with military or police methodology and tactics…it could be indicative of a growing issue, especially if they’ve never shown interest before.

During hunting season, it may not be unusual for an individual to become involved in planning their hunting expedition so that it sounds like they’re ready to invade another country. Sometimes, people get that wild-eyed look in their eyes with a faraway look, during those daydreams & fantasies about nabbing that 10-point buck, or whatever else they happen to be hunting…including fishing (remember the 50-pound Catfish swimming in the lake?.

But in any event, it’s up to the people around the hunter/Fisherman to detect if the obsession is real for hunting an elk or deer, catching that 50-pound Catfish, or if they’re looking for a political opponent. It comes down to that issue…the people around others that can detect and report them…despite the disregard in doing so.

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