Violence Numbers per State & Months for 2021

Written & compiled by Robert D. Sollars

The numbers listed below are the result of the incidents I received over the course of 2021. Admittedly, the numbers for flight attendants AREN’T included in here, because it’s obvious that the media doesn’t report on these and it was a report released in late December 2021 that updated the list on those assaults.

Also, if you’ve followed these numbers throughout the year, you’ve noticed a sharp increase in school violence over the preceding 12 months. The reasoning for this is simple enough.

School violence is obviously caused by students, or on/off/near school campuses. When individuals are confined and not allowed to socialize as much as normal…not to mention their screen time increases significantly, they become isolated and angry because they can’t socialize as normal. Teenagers have a hard time adapting these days adapting to all screen time and being alone. At first, it was their choice, now it’s taken out of their hands and someone is to blame…and that’s who it’s taken out on with violence of one form or another. Is it reasonable? No, but in their minds, it is, and remember their perception is all that counts.

You’ll also notice that the numbers are way, way down for the second straight year. Why is this? The only reason, which is perceptible by the reports I receive, is that the media isn’t reporting them. Since I’m next door to California it would be safe to say I’d receive more of them, but obviously, that’s not the case since I’ve received more reports from other states east of Arizona and some have nearly as many as Cali!

Does this mean that California is safer than Texas, Florida, or Arizona? Absolutely not! It simply means that I’m not receiving reports from my various news sources about incidents in California. I’m absolutely certain that California has amassed more than 100 incidents this past year, but until I have seen a report or have something that says so…I ain’t gonna report it with not being able to back it up.

But enough palavering, on with the numbers by state.


Arizona                                                                  125


Florida                                                                    15


Texas                                                                      14


California                                                               10


New York                                                               9


Tennessee                                                             7


Georgia                                                                  6


Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, 5


Pennsylvania,  Washington D.C, Wisconsin,   4


Maryland, Michigan,                                           3


Alabama, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia,



Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah,


If your state is not listed above, then it’s safe to assume I didn’t receive any reports from it for whatever reason. I’m not saying or even alleging that no incidents occurred, just that no reports were received.

Now the number of incidents per month in 2021, so you can see them in totality:

January: 12 incidents   13 dead  16 wounded

February:  20 incidents  13 dead  13 wounded

March: 19  incidents  30 Dead  48 Wounded

April: 33 incidents  41 dead  33 wounded

May: 20 incidents   20 dead   47 wounded

June:18 incidents    12 dead   13 wounded

July: 12 incidents  7 dead  12 wounded

August:  14 incidents 4 dead  9 wounded

September:33  incidents 7 dead 58 wounded

October: 26 incidents   13 dead  59 wounded

November:  25  Incidents   17 Dead   129 Wounded

December:   22 Incidents    6 Dead    24 wounded

Year-to-Date: 5,2001 Arizona: 125

183 Dead    462 wounded

Remember 10% of the American workforce has been assaulted, threatened, or other items of WPV/SV…100% of all organizations. Remember that even fistfights between students’ employees, & customers is considered violence against an organization. Whether that threat or assault takes place on the grounds of the facility or away from, such at a home or along the street, it’s still considered WPV/SV.

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