Two Commemorative Events in October

Two Commemorative Events in October

Written by Robert D. Sollars

How would you feel if your sister, mother, or another female family member were being abused, physically or mentally? How about if YOU were disabled, not able to see, use your arm or leg, or similar? Wouldn’t you want someone to care about and assist you with items you needed?

October has two different events to Commemorate. Both are important and if you wish to make the similarities, both are related in a distinct way.

The first is National Disabled Employment Awareness Month. We celebrate the ways that disabled such as myself, can join or re-join, the workforce as a contributing members of society. There are a ton of jobs out there that a disabled person can do if they wish to. From customer service agents in a call center to computer programming. Many of us are talented, educated (obviously not me by paper), and are more than willing to do whatever is necessary to provide for ourselves and our families.

The other event we celebrate this month, and maybe celebrate is the wrong word, is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Far too many, children, women, men, and others are assaulted each and every single day of the year by a significant romantic partner. Whether it be verbal, physical, bullying, harassment, and if you wish to indoctrinate it into this area, jealousy (which can lead to stalking and violence as well), and affairs – that aren’t approved of by the significant other.

Now after those two paragraphs, you ask, “How are they related?” That answer is very simple. If a significant other is disabled, for one reason or another, they may be, and I reiterate may be, subject to verbal, physical, or bullying abuse by the other partner. It may not be as heavily reported by the media but it does occur.

The reasoning is that the significant other, male or female, has had their life plans disrupted or they aren’t patient enough to help the newly disabled person adjust to their new life. Adjustment takes time. In my case, after 20 years of being blind, I still haven’t fully adjusted to being this way…and that’s extremely frustrating to my wife and cat!

The media doesn’t nearly enough coverage of these two subjects unless it happens to be 30 – 45 seconds available on the morning or evening news. If there’s no room, then so bad so sad.

As you will read later this month, approx. 43% of all workplace violence is derived from domestic violence. The reasoning for this will be made clear in that post. Also is expected that more than 60% of disabled people, who want to work, can’t find any employment. There are a multitude of reasons for this too, which again, will be made clear later.

Take care and do what you can to help these two groups. Donate $5.00 to a domestic violence shelter or wear a purple ribbon all month. Be aware of the various days this month for the blind, ‘white cane day’ etc.

The main point is to do what you can to support these people. Report abuse, of any kind, to the police or other appropriate agency. Donate old clothes, and food, advocate for the keeping together of pets and their abused owners. Did you realize that animals can suffer when the abused partner isn’t around anymore, by being abused or killed?

Assist the disabled, not just the blind…help them across the street in their wheelchair. Help them across the rough ground in the chair.  Grab something off a tall shelf for them. Help them order fast food, etc. There are many, many ways to assist both groups.

You have a mind and a brain. Use them! How would you feel if your sister or mother were being abused? How about if YOU were disabled? Wouldn’t you want someone to care about and assist you with items you needed?

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It happens to Anyone…Any Time…Anywhere… For any Reason

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

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