Tuesdays & Fridays Are the Deadliest Days for Workplace Violence…why?

Written By: Robert D. Sollars

It’s a statistic that has floated around out there for more than a decade and it hasn’t changed. The only thing that has changed about it is the number of deaths that come bout on those days. Even now with the pandemic, and both adults & children working/learning from home, it is still the deadliest days.

Even at home? You may ask. Yes, even at home. If you don’t remember the adage I’ve put forth for a long time; If it starts or ends at work/school then it is to be considered workplace/school violence. And to answer another question, yes it goes along for schools as well.

In other words, if someone gets pissed off at an adult remote working, or a child, and the result is an assault from that individual…then it’s considered as such. Will we ever know about it? Nope, not in the least. And why not? Because it didn’t happen at school or the job site proper, therefore, according to the media, law enforcement, or the government it can’t be counted as workplace violence.

But the original question remains…why are Tuesdays & Fridays the deadliest days of the week for workplace violence? For most people, it totally eludes them as if they’re locked away under a sheath of blackness never to see light again. The truth is, it ain’s that hard to figure out!

You go to work on Monday, and while the weekend may have been depressing, for whatever reasons, the job is okay and you plod through the day doing the same ol s*** just on a different day. Then the depression, anger, and other items begin to pummel you by the end of the day or later at night. The only logical step…kill some of those son-of-a-bitches at work on Tuesday, who’ve made your life a living fu***** hell at that motherfu***** place.

But what about Fridays? That should be a great day because the weekend is coming up and you can relax, have a date, enjoy the solitude or noise, depending on your predisposition, and just kick back with a cold one, watching whatever on the boob tube.

But also remember, Fridays are the days someone, in a regular job not service-related, that everyone gets fired, laid-off, or disciplined for any issues. Therefore, the same thing…I’m gonna kill those son-of-a-bitches for fuc**** me out of my job and supporting…whoever or whatever habit you’re in.

The same reasons that someone will bring a firearm or knife to work and begin to shoot or stab people, is the same reason why they do it on Tuesdays & Fridays. Simple out and out anger exploding into a volcanic rage that has unstoppable energy behind it.

When that anger does explode, it usually won’t be stopped by merely diplomacy on the part of colleagues, managers, anyone, or anything…except a bullet from law enforcement. In either event, there will be blood splatter to clean up and the lives of people traumatized by the fact. How badly they’re traumatized depends on too many psychological factors to mention here.

It happens to Anyone…Any Time… Anywhere… For any Reason

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

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