Those inner saboteurs want you to believe it can’t happen to you!

Written by Robert D. Sollars

It may come as a huge shock to those who insist on loyalty, which is most of us. Yes, you have saboteurs in your organization. No, they’re not obviously trying to drive you out of business, but their attitudes can open that possibility. They want you to not spend money on preventing security incidents, including of course violence, in your business. It’s a shame, but it happens far too often and the signs are unmistakable…unless you trust them…1 million percent…and sometimes that isn’t enough.

Their judgment in this instance is in total error, denial, misled, and can literally cost you the business or worse. Death & destruction along with accompanying news coverage on all of your local stations…radio, television, newspapers, podcasts, and even blogs. And depending on the size of the incident, possibly nationwide.

What is it they’re sabotaging the organization about? Workplace & school violence (WPV/SV) prevention. It’s very subtle and as I said, you trust them so why not follow their advice, but then again, they want only what’s best for the business…right?

But then your own inner saboteur can also wreak havoc on your decision to defend the organization. “The boss won’t buy into this” or worse “Nothing can EVER happen here!”. That is what your “logical” thought process is telling you. But if you listen, really actually listen, to your logical brain process…you’ll know that you’re being sabotaged by your book learning, fancy degrees, and your desire to believe only in the success of the organization…never the failures or bad omens.

So why do you listen to the saboteurs both inside your brain and those close to you? Because the idea is to make money in the business, and who wants to spend money on expensive, which comparatively they’re not, security solutions when the possibility is very rare, of a fatal event?

It’s the idea that many people have of security. “It’s a hindrance and not worth what’s happening. There are other things we can spend our money on in the business, or school, to make more moola! So why shouldn’t we make more money rather than worry about something that MAY, or may not, happen?” And yes, that is the argument you’ll get from far too many ‘bean counters and others tasked with watching the corporate cash cow.

So, that being the case, let me go over a few statistics, that hopefully will make you ponder the possibilities of the sabotage. It may not make you change your mind, but at least you can contemplate long & hard:

  • The average lawsuit over inadequate security will cost, on average, $1.2M per action. This is the cost to the company, not the associated costs such as attorneys, lost time, productivity, etc.
  • The average loss for a fatal injury due to a violent incident is $5.6M per employee killed. If you don’t remember, the Kraft Foods plant in North Philadelphia, the families of 2, just 2, was awarded more than $46M.
  • The costs of psychological therapy, hospitalizations, and the trauma caused by an incident, witnessed or not, can add up into the hundreds of thousands, or millions.

And if you think it can’t happen where you’re at because the town is too small…think of Oxford, mI. (1,200) residents and Superior, Ne. only 1,800 residents (grain mill on October 21 2021).

If it can happen in those two very small towns, what about where you may live? Are you immune to it? No. If you get murders in your town, verbal threats and arguments on the corner, or fistfights over silly assed little bullshit, then an incident of WPV/SV can occur where you live, work, or educate yourself.

You should also remember that WPV/Sv doesn’t always mean it was carried out with a firearm, as many in the media and law enforcement would have you believe. It comes in all sorts of ways. Verbal assaults, threats of violence, and other ways as well. All can be intimidating, humiliating, embarrassing, and traumatizing to those who happen to or witness it.

So, fight those inner saboteurs off with a Scottish bastard sword. Fire the arrows into their arguments and tell those thoughts to leave you be. Because I’ve said for more than 2 decades at this point;

It happens to Anyone…Any Time…Anywhere… For any Reason

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