The Warning Signs, of WPV/SV, YOU Ignore Part 1

The Warning Signs, of WPV/SV, YOU IgnorePart 1

Written by Robert D. Sollars

This blog begins a series about the warning signs that YOU Ignore all the time. And as I’ve said many, many times, it can lead to violence and someone being murdered while at their work facility or educational institution.

Again, when an incident happens, I consistently hear this statement on the local news “What happened we didn’t know it could happen here! Why didn’t anyone tell us this stuff?”

That is the purpose of these blogs that I write on a consistent basis. Every single person on my mailing list is in danger of a violent incident, in their office or on the actual job site (and even off the job site else) incident. From contract security companies to those that service the blind community. NO ONE is immune and everyone is at risk every…single…minute…they are out and about, working, learning, shopping, or eating out.

The incidence of WPV/SV is low among all mass shootings, accounting for less than 3% of them overall. However, even if the incidence is low, lightning can strike at any time it is nearby. The same holds true for WPV/SV, it can strike your facility any time someone gets overheated and upset.

Usually, these individuals also have a mental illness that is unknown until the time of the incident. The problem is that the warning signs were ignored and no one put them together, even if they happened on private property or in a public arena.

It must also be stated that if an individual shows only 2 or 3 of these signs it’s probably not an issue for you to worry about, just keep a peripheral view on it. However, if the signs start adding up to 5, 6, 8, 10, or more? Then you may have a potential blood splatter in or on your facility in the near future.

Do you want YOUR facility, whether it be business or educational, to be hit by that lightning bolt? Do you wish to be the next Uvalde Texas? Possibly the Topps Grocery Store in Buffalo New York?

If you read these warning signs and tell yourself that no one in or organization has any of these signs, then you’re ignoring the potential for violence in your business or educational institution, which can result in trauma (which can last a lifetime for some people), injury (potential lifetime), and death. Do you want that?

The series will begin in full force next week and I hope you enjoy and learn from it.

I can help your business/educational institution avoid all the many unpleasant returns of an incident, simply by hiring me for workshops on WPV/SV. The resulting terms, if followed precisely, can make my fees seem like pennies instead of $$$$.

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