The Greatest Love humans can show

Written By: Robert D. Sollars

Yes, I know the song by Whitney Houston, and I know all about the love we should have for people during the Christmas season, but I’m not writing about that, but rather what I think the greatest love of all is…given by a human to another, and it may surprise you.

Humans can give love very easily, unlike most other animals on this marble. But while many can, and more than willing to, give the love that you receive from others, few receive the greatest love of all, emotional.

So, what is it? It’s very simple but very hard to deliver on for most people. As a confirmed pessimist and cynic of the human condition, it’s easy for me to see these things while others deny they exist. My definition of the greatest love for someone is.

  • Willing to go above & beyond mere friendship to Support them for any reason if it’s right, and sometimes even when it’s wrong.
  • Back them up when they’re confronted by…anyone or anything. I’ve told the ones I love the most in this world, including my cat, that I would die for them if need be and defend & protect them otherwise.
  • Talk bluntly about what is happening (remember, letting them do something wrong is generally a betrayal of your friendship)
  • Tell them privately they’re wrong…not publicly. Criticizing them publicly is humiliating and can only harm your friendship.
  • Take them unconditionally as your friend, with no reservations, no matter who or what they are…including, figuratively, an alien from Alpha Centauri living on Earth to gather intelligence.
  • Accept them for who & what they are no matter what. If they’re gay or lesbian, you’ll accept them for that because that’s who they are and what they are. If they’re a different religion, don’t e so damned stolid and rigid that you can’t accept them because of that or political differences.


I always speak as bluntly as I possibly can to people. Have I hurt their feelings? Of course, I have! I told one, now ex-friend that she was being shallow and letting her emotional baggage cloud her judgement with relationship and real-life issues…she’s no longer my friend, by her choice.

Have I hurt people in my life, either through words or actions? Oh, my heavens yes…more times than I can even count. As much as I have hurt them, I still feel guilt deep down in my heart, whether I show it or not…it all sinks through the floor until I can make it up…somehow. Maybe, if it’s even possible.

I have had friends that were the best of friends back in the day. When they betrayed me, that was it, I haven’t talked to one for more than30 years and the other nearly 20. I never forget and very rarely forgive anyone for betraying or back-stabbing me.

I have also come to accept a lot of different people for their beliefs even if I don’t agree with them. For me, it was hard to accept them for who and what they were, but I did for friendship sakes and nothing more. I’d been so accustomed & brainwashed, by a religious organization –no longer affiliated – to not liking, never hating, then I had to change.

I literally love everyone, maybe not their attitude or views on politics and other items, but I still care about if something happens to them. No one deserves to be killed or murdered by someone, not even in wartime. Death is inevitable but…

The greatest love of all is accepting people who may not agree with you, your attitudes, or your belief system. If you don’t then you really can’t say that you love them unconditionally.  Too many people have broken up since the last two presidential elections because of political differences. I have my girlfriend/best friend who happens to be a self-described independent/liberal. Do we disagree on politics? Of course, we do, but so what? I love that young lady to death and don’t wish to lose her as my best friend, Lil sister, or girlfriend.

To everyone who wishes to adhere to the Biblical principles this time of year…what better time, huh. Remember the Bible says that you must hate homosexuals…but it also says to LOVE everyone, no matter what. Hate their attitude or lifestyle, but not the person. Love them as you would anyone else you hold so close & dear this time of year.

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

Permission to share? Of course, with full attribution.

Copyright 2020 Robert D. Sollars

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