The connector to all of the Warning Signs…Unusual or Changed Behavior

The connector to all of the Warning Signs…Unusual or Changed Behavior

Written By Robert D. Sollars

I told you at the beginning of this series that there was one key that held it all together and is a huge tell-tale sign that something may be wrong, albeit ambiguous. This last post in the series goes into that key and explains the different issues with it. Are you a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, or behavior health expert? Probably not, so you need to read carefully and then study your employees/students who may be exhibiting these changes…especially if the changes seem to be permanent.

Yes, I said study AND write them down to be reported if they go further. Yes, I’m absolutely positive, 1,000% so, about that. As I have said innumerable times…” If it’s not written down, then it didn’t happen!” Documentation may be one of the most vital weapons in your arsenal in preventing violence. If after a period of time, those records can be destroyed, people’s attitudes can change for the better.

Unusual or Changed Behavior. This is the MASTER KEY to the entire series of warning signs…It comes down to those who know the person best. If they don’t notice a change, then no one will. Don’t count on the significant other or parents to notice, usually, they’re too oblivious to the issue.

Remember: “You can either Ignore or Act Upon the Warning Signs”. As a friend or co-worker, you need to know when something is wrong or bothering them. No one can tell you anything about your friends’ behavior that you probably haven’t already noticed.

Maybe you’re just ignoring it because they’re your friend and they’ll just come out of it, watch for the post next week on those excuses. Maybe you’ve discussed it with them, but they went right back to doing those ‘strange’, as you see them, things again.

If you notice the pattern of behavior isn’t changing after a few days or so, then you need to say something, either to them, a supervisor, a teacher, or someone, so it can be documented. This is imperative for you and the safety of people, whether it be at school, a business, or a public venue such as a concert or celebration of a holiday.

What would I consider unusual or changed behavior? It doesn’t matter what I think or know about your colleagues or friends… I know what would be changed or unusual behavior within my group of friends and how it would look as they changed. Only you know them so only you and those around them can distinguish the varying signs.

Use the guidelines I’ve given you and go from there. If you have any doubts about your friends or co-workers, then tell someone. I don’t mean passing along idle gossip, but someone who can actually do something to help your friend.



Keep in mind that not everyone ready to pop their proverbial cork will exhibit all 24 of the signs. 2 or 3 of these are probably just going through difficult times, depending on the signs and how badly they’re into them, like the rest of us. But when the signs start adding up to 6, 7, or more, then you may have a definite problem brewing over the fire. And in those cases, you need to nip it before it causes issues of trauma, injury – including debilitating – and potentially deadly events in the organization. Do I even mention that you can help them avoid damaging their employment prospects by keeping them on the job instead of being fired?

Please call your violence prevention expert to get an expert opinion and assistance to prevent these incidents. I have more than 40 years in the security field & more than 30 working in workplace & school violence prevention.

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