Spookiness Haunted October?

Spookiness Haunted October?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

At least 22 children were among 34 people killed in a mass shooting at a child care center in northeastern Thailand on 10-06-22, officials in the country said. Authorities had immediately launched a manhunt for the suspected shooter, who was later identified as a 34-year-old former policeman who had been involved in an ongoing court case for allegedly selling drugs. Investigators later confirmed the suspect had killed his wife and child before taking his own life. While gun ownership in Thailand is relatively high compared with other countries in Southeast Asia, mass shootings in the country are rare.

On September 30, a threat was left on a wall in a restroom in Fayetteville, GA. Police were called and nothing occurred. This comes from a number of swatting calls from Florida to California – reported on October 7, by WIRED, “Sixteen states collectively suffered more than 90 false reports of school shooters during three weeks in September” September 13 – September 30.

On September 29, a set of parents beat up the principal at their son’s school, because he was beaten up the night before., Both were arrested and will be facing innumerable charges for the beating, as well as bringing an unregistered handgun onto school property.


Mesa, AZ. October 1 (C-Store)    1w

Seattle, WA. October 2 (school) 4w

Tucson, AZ. October 5 (school)   1d

Las Vegas, NV. October 6 (casino)  1d6w

Merced, CA. October 3 (tracking) 4d

Boston., MA. October 4 (school) 1w

Peachtree City, GA. October 5 (school)0

W Lafayette, IN. October 5 (school) 1d

Fayetteville, GA. October 6 (school))              0

Fayetteville, GA. October 6 (school))              0

Jacksonville, FL. October 7 (school) 1w

Glendale, AZ. October 7 (arson) 0

Mesa, AZ. October 8 (retail)         1w

Phoenix, AZ. October 8 (state fair) 0


Kansas City, MO. October 1o(      1w

Bristol, CT. October 10 (DV ambush)            2d1w

Chicago, IL. October 12 (school) 0

Tranquility, CA. October 12 (school)            0

AHWATUKEE, AZ. October 13 (school)    0

Buckeye, AZ. October 13 (threat)   0

Phoenix, AZ. October 14 (light rail)    1w

Phoenix, AZ. October 17 (barricade)           1w

Worchester, MA. October 17 (school)         0

Medford, OR. October 17 (school)              1w

COATESVILLE, PA. October 17 (school) 0

This was the 18thth incident since the end of September – added to overall numbers)

Phoenix, AZ. October 18, (threat)               0

Dallas, TX. October 22 (hospital)                2d1w

Phoenix. AZ. October 22 (light rail)              1d

Deltona, FL. October 24 *(school)              0

St. Louis, MO. October 24 (school)            3d7w

Boston, MA. October 26 (barbershop)         1d

Boston, Ma. October 26 (school)                0

Golden Valley, AZ. October 26 (rent)2d

Boston, MA. October 27                0

Phoenix, AZ. October 27 (police)               0

  1. Boston, MA., October 28 0

Buckeye, AZ. October 28 (school)     0

Phoenix, AZ. October 31 (hospital)  0

Santa Cruz, CA. October 31 (school) 0

October:  56 incidents  18 dead  27 wounded


Year-to-Date: 11,729                          Arizona: 97

136 Dead   204 wounded

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