Security at Home  – A Very Real Issue March 1

Security at Home  – A Very Real Issue March 1

Written by Robert D. Sollars

Many of my readers of this blog are security PROFESSIONALS and they think they know all there is to know about home security…but they don’t. I don’t know everything there is to know about home security either, but Having said that, I’m gonna do my damndest to pass along the tips I have for keeping you, your family, your beloved pets, valuables – real or sentimental – safe from those hooligans, miscreants, & ner do’wells who wish to get something for nothing. Your home is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’!

I’m also not going to tell you to buy an expensive alarm system or spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade your security plans. It may surprise you that the least inexpensive, and best, ways to secure your humble abode is the ways our great-grandparents taught us to do.

I grew up in a relatively small city, with about 40,000 people. I lived with my grandparents and literally, in the neighborhood, everyone looked out for me and my friends as we played in, around, and outside of the houses, if I did something wrong my grandparents knew about it before I got home from a block away!, not to mention the parking lots and the street we lived on. Yes, we played in the streets and nothing was more liberating than playing football or baseball in the street.

We knew enough to move outa the way when a car turned down the street, and we knew that they would reduce speed when they saw us playing there. It ain’t so anymore though. Kids are stupid for not getting outa the way of speeding cars who don’t give a rat’s ass about slowing down and/or stopping if need be.

That’s just the first tip for you as would-be parents, grandparents, or just concerned citizens. Teach those kids when to get off the street and don’t challenge an idiot in a 5,000-pound car! And if you’re the one driving, don’t be a moron and keep moving hoping those idiot kids will get out of your way…more than likely they ain’t gonna!

Yes, crime was a remote possibility back then. It remained so until about 1970 when my grandparents began locking the doors on the front and back doors every single time they were closed. There was no “just leave it open for a few minutes, I’ll be right back” mentality to it. If they weren’t within eyeshot of the door, then it didn’t get left open or unlocked.

Now, college kids, mainly young girls, leave their dorm rooms, apartments, & homes unlocked all night long and the crime is 100 times more rampant in a college town that is literally adjacent to a large city (Tempe, AZ. Arizona State University & Phoenix AZ).

I’m hoping that these posts will allow you to pass along this information to literally anyone who may have home security issues or is living in a college town, whether that town is large, or next to a large city, or a small city like Maryville, MO. (Northwest Missouri State University about 15,000 people, including the university), these tips can and will help them…especially on the cheap end of protecting their bodies, rape & assault, and possessions.

Tune in this month and learn about your home, security for the disabled, and several self-defense techniques that don’t require a firearm, knife, or another weapon… those tips can defeat most of those assaults as well.     Twitter: RobertSollars2     e-mail:

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