Oh, Mrs. Kravitz…where are you when we need you?

Written by Robert D. Sollars

For those of you who may not be old enough, or don’t watch too many old television shows, let me explain who Mrs. Kravitz is. For those who do know who she is, forgive this indulgence. I will try to convey this succinctly as I possibly can.

On the television show Bewitched, in the early to late 60s, Samantha Stevens was a witch married to a mortal, much to the chagrin of her parents & they made her husband rue the day he married her. Mrs. Kravitz was a neighbor who pushed her nose into, literally, everyone’s business in the neighborhood. She went far and beyond the busybody of other sitcoms. She spied on her neighbors for her own uses, but to no avail, no one took her seriously. Now that I’ve spent time on that…

It is unfortunate, but in this world of workplace/school violence (WPV/SV), terrorism, and the myriad of other life-altering and bankrupting crimes in our culture, we need people like Mrs. Kravitz to be around us. Someone who watches over the neighborhood and spots anything that is remotely suspicious, even if the possibility is a remote one.

Do we need someone like her, or a crotchety old man, to call some alphabet soup governmental agency to report what they see? Not necessarily, but like a good geneticist or Audubon Society member they need to keep a meticulous notebook of their observations.

Yes, I know the arguments against nosy neighbors and spying on them and meticulously kept notebooks. It’s reminiscent of a communistic or totalitarian society. And if it gets too far out of hand with literally everyone spying on each other, then no it’s not a good thing.

But we’re talking about people stepping onto the field and getting into the game to prevent anyone from being murdered. Many crimes can be prevented, or lessen the fatalities or losses, by people being nosy and spying on their neighbors. Mrs. Kravitz was deemed a rude busybody with a rich imagination. And it was funny to watch her get befuddled on numerous occasions and try to convince her husband, Abner, of what she was witnessing. It was hilarious back then, but threateningly deadly serious now.

The old cliché, which is ignored 99% of the time, of seeing something say something needs to be strengthened and put into a way that everyone will pay attention & follow. The issue with not saying something if they see something is fairly simple and you can confirm this yourself by listening to the news.

In addition to the many excuses that people use to not tell the employer or school administration about something that may happen. Anyone who is not PC is labeled as a racist or bigot by the media, liberals, and innumerable other groups with an ideological political agenda.

It comes down to saving lives. It’s not as simple as banning firearms. No one wants to see or hear about someone dying. It doesn’t matter your political persuasion, Republican or Democrat, and belief system in the Constitution, malleable instrument or not.  No one wants that, except a few ideological extremists Christian or Muslim or, pardon the expression and not being PC, whack jobs who want to even a score on someone.

If we can get more people to be like the old school style of Mrs. Kravitz, we’d be so much better off in our lives and this world we live in… Do I mean that you should start snooping around people’s backyards, looking through windows, or going through their garbage? Of course not. But what you do need to do is pay attention to your neighborhood i.e., co-workers and schoolmates. A couple of examples you ask?

  • Is someone sitting in a vehicle and idling for an indeterminate amount of time?
  • Is someone cruising the block slowing down in front of houses with no For Sale sign in the yard?
  • See some stranger walking slowly and seeming to take notes about certain houses?

Call the police and let them investigate. It may be nothing, but do you really want to take the risk with your friends/co-workers/classmates being harmed? If you spot any of the 24 warning signs of someone ready to perpetrate a WPV/SV incident then don’t rationalize it, say something. Will they be mad at you, probably, but is it worth saving a life?

Oh, Mrs. Kravit’s where are you when we need you to teach this country a thing or two about being watchful, helpful, and being a complete total pain in the ass by spying on us?

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