November, a Month for Thankfulness or Death?

November, a Month for Thankfulness or Death?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Remember Pearl Harbor Day tomorrow. “A day that will live in Infamy!”

Learned of a sexual assault/harassment incident in Blaine, WA. In October. A male substitute teacher has been accused of touching your females inappropriately and/or ‘leering’ at them during class.


Phoenix, AZ. November 1 ( trucking)                               0

Port Charlotte, FL. November 2 (school)        1w

Amherst, MA. November 3 (school)                1w

Indianapolis, IN. November 3 (school)            0

Scottsdale, AZ. November 3 (threats)              0

New York, NY. October 7 (subway)                  0

Oakland, CA. November 7 (ambush)                1d

Rochester, MN. November 8 (school)             0

Various States November 8 (voting )                               0

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA. November 11 (school)       0

Mesa, AZ. November 13 (kidnapping)             1dPhoenix, 13, (caregiver

Phoenix, AZ. November 13 (cregvr)                 1d

Petersburg, VA. November 13 (school)           1w

Ruston, MA. November 14 (wschool)              1d3w

Prairie View, TX. November 14 (school)          1d

Brighton, MA. November 14 (grphome)         0

San Francisco, CA. November 14 (NBA)          0

Victoria Falls, TX. November 14 (school)        1w

  1. HOLLYWOOD, CA. November 16 (school) 0

Jamaica Plain, MA. Nov 17 (school)          0

Concord, NH. November 17 (mental hosp)    1d

Chandler, AZ. November 17 (mall)                             1w

Boston, MA. November 20 (reporter)                          0

Beaver Creek, OH. November 20 (retail)                     1d4w

Merrimack, NH. November 20 (IsraeliCO)   0

Houston, TX. November 21 (airflight)                         0

Saugus, MA. November 22 (restaurant) 1w

Tucson, AZ. November 24 (prison)                             1w

Albuquerque, NM. November 24 (mall)                      0

Raleigh, NC. November 27 (school)                          1d1w

New York, NY. November 28 (subway)                      2w

Santa Rosa, CA. November 29 (school)                       1w

Santa Rosa, CA. November 29 (school)                       0

Casa grande, AZ. November 30 (school threat)            0

November:   36 incidents      8 dead   16 wounded

6 states were hit with letters containing Fentonal and other powdery substances. The total amount of envelopes received is unknown. The states affected were California, Oregon, Nevada, Georgia, Washington, & Texas. The average was 4 perstate…added in below.

Year-to-date: 18,364               Arizona: 1111

152 Dead         324 Wounded

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