by Eileen Sollars

It is with sorrow I tell you of Roberts passing away. It happened Sunday afternoon. Robert would have found it funny that it was 12/31/23. In other words 123123.

Robert worked on his computer answering emails and finishing his story. He felt cold and went to bed to cover up. I lay with him to warm him up, he called me his personal space heater. He fell asleep and I went to make myself lunch. I let him sleep for a couple of hours before checking on him. He didn’t like my hovering over him. When I went to check on him he wasn’t in bed, wasn’t in his chair, and not on the commode. I found him on the floor cold and turning purple.  I called 911 immediately and they were there as I was moving the wheelchair so I could reach him. They checked him and told me he was gone.

So that is all there is to it. Robert is at the funeral home and I’m dealing with all that needs to be done.

Be safe.

Eileen Sollars

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