Keeping the Rapscallions Away from Your Holidays – Part 2

Keeping the Rapscallions Away from Your Holidays – Part 2

Written by Robert D. Sollars

This is the 2nd post in this series to hopefully, keep you safe and secure during this holiday shopping season, this includes your packages and the threat of workplace violence (WPV) out in the wilds of the cramming of bodies into each other for the last juju bean package as well.

The other posts for this joyous season included: Stopping Porch Pirates, the stress of the holidays on WPV, and the 1st post in this brief 2-part series. So, without any further ado:

Check your rear-view mirror frequently while on the way home from shopping:

I will admit this may sound a bit weird and unusual during the holiday season, but the reasoning is just as simple. Having a carload of gifts, the criminals may not want to assault or rob you in the parking lot. They’ll follow you home and take what they want when you’re most vulnerable… while you’re in the driveway, garage, or parking lot unloading. What better place to do it…no surveillance around to record them, generally.

If you’ve spent a hard day’s night and you have your shopping done, what’s the worst that can happen? Especially if you’re on a limited budget. All of those gifts that you shopped for, budgeted for (possibly for months), coveted, and thought is perfect for the one that will be stolen. This means that your entire season will be spent with anguish and anxiety and you will miss out on the joy of giving. Should I even mention the anxiety and stress of those gifts being stolen and disappointing loved ones?


Always check for frayed cords on your lights or other appliances and never put them under rugs:

This may seem a bit obvious to everyone, but it really isn’t. Christmas is when a lot of house fires occur. And because of this, you have to be more careful than normal when plugging in those lights and novelty items in the yard. Fire hazards can, and will, happen if a cord is the least bit frayed and placed under a rug to prevent people from tripping on it. Inspect the cords and plugs carefully before utilizing them. If they are the least bit frayed, then use them away from other flammable items. But you really should throw it away and purchase a new set.

Ensure that your outlets aren’t overloaded with those pretty lights and novelty displays. While the multiple outlet extensions say they’re safe… as the old cliché says…better to be safe than sorry.

Also, ensure your tree is well watered. A real Christmas tree can literally go up in flames within 30 seconds. If it is ignited it can become a blow torch that would make a welder smile in delight. It will turn your home into a smoldering pile of ashes and a training exercise for the fire department… and none of us wants that. An added note to prevent a fire…always turn out the lights when you go to bed or leave your humble abode, just to ensure no sparks will ignite the house or tree.


LOCK THE HOUSE as tight as a drum:

Once again, you may think this is a duh! Thing, but it isn’t. People have to be constantly reminded to lock their windows, doors, & back gates to try and keep criminals out of their homes. Because our minds are on other happier subjects, sometimes we forget to lock the house. And if a door, window, gate, or even the doggie door is otherwise left unlocked, then a criminal can get in and take your holiday from you…including food.


Wrap those pretty packages and place them in a closet:

Sound a little weird? Imagine the surprise on a criminal’s face when they open them! Did you realize that it’s not unusual for a thief to break in thru the front window and take the packages from under the Christmas tree? Despite the racket it makes, criminals will do most anything to give gifts they didn’t work, shop or pay for, possibly to feed an addiction.

Soooo, make it hard for them! If they do break in and steal your packages, then they’ll be sorely disappointed when they open them and find…nothing but a pile of rocks or other trash (save the doggie doo or litter box for the porch pirates). The person the present was intended for will, hopefully, be greatly surprised, excited, & grateful!


I hope these posts have given you tips that you can utilize and that they help keep you safe and secure during the holidays. I sincerely hope that this upcoming holiday, whichever one you celebrate, will be happy, joyous, and full of the heart-warming love that it deserves.     Twitter: RobertSollars2     e-mail:

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