Keep Your Holiday Safe from Miscreants- Part 1

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” A Christmas/holiday classic since Andy Williams belted it out with his flair nearly 60 years ago. And for nearly everyone who celebrates this time of goodwill, fellowship, and peace it is wonderful…even those who want to take it away from you.

There are innumerable criminals out there that wish to rob you of your holiday spirit. The next two posts will be in an effort to prevent them from taking your warm fuzzies, safety, and security from you, at a time they should be experienced most of all:


You must be aware of whom and what is around you at all times, always with no breaks for the season. This sounds simple enough to do, but during the holiday season, it really isn’t. And the first unusual thing you will read here is to be, as some call it, hyper-vigilant or paranoid, and watchful of, literally, everything and everyone around you & not just the special sales and gifts. The official term for this is situational awareness.

While not being totally mistrustful and apprehensive of people, you definitely need to take care and be wary of potential scammers and those following you. Those stalking you may want to take advantage of you and you not being aware, in more than a few ways.

Know where you are at all times. You must be constantly aware of where you are and how you got there. Wandering around the mall, like you’re in a daze, it’s easy to forget where you’re at or overlook some little issue that may become a bigger problem, like the engine light on the car, when you try to leave with those gifts.

Carry only 1 credit/debit card and NEVER, absolutely never, flash a wad of cash:

Use your wallet instead of having the cash in your pocket, unless you are fortunate enough to have a bodyguard. If you’re being stalking you, will watch how you pay for your purchases. If they spot numerous credit/debit cards or a huge wad of cash in your wallet, it makes you an easily spotted, and obvious, target, especially if you’re disabled. If you’re not aware of that person constantly following you…

Carry your wallet in your front pocket:

This may sound like a weird tip, but stop and think for a moment. Which pocket is closer and harder to get into, your back or front? It is less likely to draw the eye of a potential pocket picker being in the front. If they do try to steal it and it’s the front…chances are you will notice before they can abscond with the thing.

Ladies, if you’re not wearing pants with pockets, place your purse around your neck and shoulder and wear it on your chest. This will make it harder for someone to steal or open it up. You never want to make yourself an easy target. Therefore, make those pick-pockets find an easier person to ‘pick’ on.

Make frequent trips to your car:

If you’re in the middle of a shopping frenzy…planning on shopping ‘til you drop… then make sure that you don’t drop from being robbed! Make a purchase or two and take it to the car. Then go back to the next stop. This will allow you to keep your hands free and you are able to pull out your keys quickly, check the tip just below, if you perceive you are being stalked. This also allows you to get your exercise in the winter months, no matter what a pain it is in the northern climes.

Never, carry so many packages that you can’t see well or your hands can’t move freely:

If your hands are full of packages…or you can’t reach your keys easily…or you can’t see what is ahead or around you clearly… you’ll make a very easy and inviting target, like cheese to rats. Whether they assault you while you’re moving towards your car or after you’ve reached it, having to put your packages down to unlock, and load them. As with the first tip. ALWAYS be aware of what’s going on around you.

Another little tip that may help during those Christmas shopping outings while going to and from your vehicle… Keep your keys poking between your fingers. This is especially true if you defy the safety concerns, I’ve already voiced by purchasing too many packages. The reason?

They make a wonderful weapon to slash a criminal who tries to accost you. And it also helps you to save time in unlocking the car, so that no one can pounce quickly. While at your vehicle you are the most vulnerable to be robbed until you get home.

Look for the 2nd post, so you can stay safe & secure during the traditional holiday hustle & bustle.

I certainly hope that the Christmas and holiday season will be wonderful. And I ask of you, those who celebrate, please remember the reason for the season. If someone is rude and surly to you, remember that they may have had someone be rude and surly to them earlier (even if they just started). A smile and few kind words may go a long way in the warmth and fellowship of the season.

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

It happens to Anyone…Any Time… Anywhere… For any Reason

Permission to share? Of course, with full attribution.

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