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And I’m not talking about the football player in the NFL. He’s called the honey badger because of his ferocious attacking style of playing football. Sometimes he gets into trouble by using that ferocity. I’m talking about the ferocity of keeping people safe within your facility and being a Honey Badger.

That’s what I mean by this blog. You have to know when, where, how, & why to attack a subject and topic in the security field. In the world we live in right now, at this point in time, we need more people to be honey badgers while at work, school, and even at home.

But the first thing that we have to do is define exactly what a honey badger is and how it adapts and lives its life surrounded by humans and our encroachments into its living spaces. wolverines are thought to be, pound for pound, the most fierce and vicious animal in the world. What makes honey badgers so tough, besides being so savage?

  • They’re fearless, fast, powerful, and willing to attack any intruder into its territory …while also knowing when to back off. Just the way we all want to be in our businesses. This means taking proactive action and not being reactive to issues.
  • Their hide is incredibly strong and thick… so tough that it’s almost impossible for enemies to bite through or even to cut it with a bladed weapon…impervious to setbacks, criticism, and the myriad challenges we all face, and in security…there are a lot of naysayers.
  • The honey badger’s skin is very loose, so if a predator does latch onto it, it can still twist around and bite them. This means, that things can’t be so tight, there is no wiggle room in your approach to the issue at hand. As a Klingon proverb says “Adapt or Die!”.
  • It’s not afraid of anything and has unshakable confidence. In fact, if cornered, it will even attack a hyena or a lion…quite a powerful confidence. Do you have that kind of confidence to get what you want or need when your back is against the wall, or do you roll over and play dead like an opossum?

Now here’s the thing about that kind of confidence, whether you’re a honey badger or an entrepreneur; When you know you’ve got what it takes, you don’t have to pump yourself up or “try” to be confident. There’s a calm assurance that underlies everything you do and you’re not distracted or derailed by fear or stress or confusion.

That’s what we as security professionals, or the ones in your organization, are trying to do. Be confident and self-assured that the criminal element isn’t being circumvented by the nice guy attitudes of so many in the contract security field, and the entire field itself. The old adage of “Nice Guys Finish Last” isn’t just a saying…it’s the truth.

Therefore, despite deciphering corporate political and the wants, not needs, of a client…we MUST be closer to a honey badger than a Barney /Phyfe or slovenly secuty gard of years past only observing & reporting.

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