Herman would NEVER

Herman would NEVER

Written by Robert D. Sollars

A fictional conversation with a manager and the outside workplace violence prevention security consultant;

“I have absolutely no problem employees at all!” the manager slammed his hand on the desk. “I don’t know why those nut cases upstairs sent you to see me!” he yelled at the thought of being second-guessed.

“Well, the way I was told, you’ve got a few problem employees here. From attendance issues to the ones that play videos all the time at home.” The consultant said solemnly.

“I have a few employees like Herman who have issues with attendance, but that’s an issue with his drinking after work.”

“Is that all of his issues?”

“Well, I’ve had to counsel him a couple of times on coming in like that and operating those huge multi-ton presses, and then of course, his girlfriend left him over it. After 10 years you’d think she’d have learned to handle it! But I’ll tell you one thing bucko security consultant! Herman would never, and I mean never hurt anyone…not even a fly!” the manager said getting angrier.

“Does he have any anger issues, especially over trivial items? Maybe about the counseling you gave him about his drinking?”

“Of course he does, just like everyone else. He’s awfully defensive about his drinking. He likes to think it’s a secret thing and no one knows how bad it is or has gotten. Last week, I thought he was gonna hit me because I mentioned it again! Dumb bastard!”

“Well, I can tell you Mr. manager, that your Herman has several of the warning signs of someone who is likely, as they called in in the olden days, ‘going postal’. There are 25 of those warning signs, and Herman is obviously stressed out over several things, both personal and work-related. Then you add in his attendance & drinking issues, and you’ve got a good recipe for an employee who may go off. “

“I told you, Herman wouldn’t hurt a fly! No matter if your stupid ass warning signs you think he has! Now get out of my office and no more of this crap.”

Herman’s warning signs:

Attendance Problems

Personal & work-related stress

Violent tendencies

Drug & alcohol abuse

Anger Issues

Think about it for yourself. Do you have a student or employee who has 4, 5, or more warning signs of violence? Not saying that it is definite, but there is the probability that they will explode and hurt someone, whether in the organization or out and about in the general public.

Do you wish one of YOURS to hurt someone for something YOU could have prevented by a minor intervention? Want kind of guilty and remorse would that give you?

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