Have the past few months been violent?

Have the past few months been violent?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

With the cruel invasion by Russia into Ukraine, the WPV/SV news reports have slacked off quite a bit for March. As long as Putin continues with his chaos, I’m fairly sure that these incidents won’t be reported as thoroughly as they were in February…unless it’s a mass casualty event or is local to Phoenix.

Also, I learned on March 15, that arson was attempted on a restaurant in Phoenix. The Molotov cocktails caused thousands of dollars to the restaurant and the suspects are being sought.

On April 25, a man was murdered while sleeping on a loading dock. The suspect threw river rocks at him and has not yet been caught.


Laveen, AZ. March 2 (fast food)                                            1d

Pembroke Pines, FL. March 2 (school)                                1w

Olathe, KS. March 4 (school)                                                 3w

Des Moines, IA. March 7 (school)                                         1d2w

Detroit, MI. March 12 (school)                                             1d

New York, NY. March 12 (Museum)                                     2w

Yavapai, Cty. March 12 (ambush)                                         1d1w

Buckeye, AZ. March 16 (school)                                           0

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. March 17 (city bus)                                2d2w

March:  9 incidents   6 dead   11 wounded


Because of my hospitalization, I was unable to keep track of all incidents. Because of that reason, here are the results of the incidents that I know of explicitly since just before and after my amputation.

Buffalo, NY. May 14 (grocery store)                 10d 3 wounded

San Diego, CA. church                                         1d 0 wounded

Uvalde, TX. School)                                             24d 17w

Cottonwood, AZ. (school)                                  0

Prescott, AZ. May 25 (school)                           0

New Orleans, LA. (school)                                     1w

May: 5 incidents  35 dead   21 wounded

Year-to-Date: 11,579Arizona: 29

This increase in numbers reflects the number of laser light incidents against aircraft, which I’ve forgotten to add since the numbers came out in January…I apologize

57 Dead   93 wounded

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