Fighting the Active Shooter – Part 1 June 24

Fighting the Active Shooter – Part 1 June 24

Written by Robert D. Sollars

You hear it in television dramas, movies, and the radio…a loud bang, or boom, that sounds like a firearm firing off a round. Then for a split second, nothing happens. Then all hell breaks loose, as people begin running, screaming, and trampling over each other to find safety. Then they find out that after innumerable people have been knocked down, and injured because of the rush, it was a car backfire.

Is this truly what a company would expect of its employees if an active shooter invaded the business or school? With only 65% of businesses having a plan for WPV/SV on the books, and updated regularly, this is not a good scenario for anyone who works in a facility…no matter its purpose.

There are few things in this world that will freeze your soul faster than an active shooter. It’s terrible, tragic, and absolutely horrendous. And nothing can send a group of people scattering like cockroaches when the light comes on than the announcement of an active shooter…or even the hint of such things.

The idea is then to prepare yourself to properly handle an active shooter situation and survive, while also helping others do the same thing. Not always easy, as we have become accustomed to hearing, “I’m the most important person here, therefore, I have to get myself to safety and fuck everyone else.”

But, with the proper training and exercises, both full-fledged outdoors and tabletops, we can prepare for this potential and save not only yourself but others in the attempt. And if you wish to be bluntly honest and succinct…what’s more important than saving a life, doesn’t matter whose it is, as long as you can save them or help them to be saved from the shooters’ rampage.

This series of posts will, hopefully, inform you of the items of that needs to be addressed by you and your staff to prepare your employees/students for the possibility of an active shooter. Keep in mind, that active shooting incidents account for less than a millionth of a percentage of the actual WPV/SV incidents of the 16 million that occur every year.

While it may be the lowest on the scale, it’s the most terrifying of all of them. In the 19th century, it was the possibility of a rabid animal was terrifying. Now it’s the active shooter. And it doesn’t matter how low the potential is, your staff, and students will be scared out of their wits because of it…especially about Uvalde, TX, and Buffalo, NY. Shootings.

The first part of this series will focus on who needs the training and what they should be learning. You will also get a primer on physical security as well, and hopefully, your physical security will be the first part of your prevention program.

Look for this series to begin next week and follow through until the end of July.

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