Don’t Be Eazy Pickins – Self-Defense Techniques for Everyone

Don’t Be Eazy Pickins – Self-Defense Techniques for Everyone

Written by Robert D. Sollars

Note: These techniques are to be used only to defend yourself against an attacker who is trying to harm you. No other use is approved or encouraged to be used on anyone for any other purpose!

I’ll tell you right now and up-front, back when I was a young buck full of piss & vinegar (not that I ain’t now just harder to do the things I did back then, and not blind, I liked to fight. I learned how-to street fight and not just with fists. Therefore, from what I’ve learned in the intervening more than 40 years …these are the self-defense tips I offer to you. As with everything I offer in my blogs, tweak them for your own use but never let an attacker get away with harming you!

These tips and techniques are for anyone, teenagers, women of all ages, elderly & disabled, to be able to use at any time…that’s why they’re called street fighter techniques…they’re quick, easy, effective, & very efficient. So, pay attention and remember to tweak them for yourself if you believe you can’t perform them as such;

First of all, we’ll start with answering the door;

  • When answering the door, and very rarely the back door – if at all – place your shoulder against it. Which shoulder depends on which way your door swings in. firmly put your shoulder into the door that is going to be opened. Hold it there, leaning into it if necessary to prevent anyone from simply shoving it in on you and knocking you to the floor.
  • Another tip that goes hand-in-hand with your shoulder is putting your foot behind the door like a doorstop. The other foot would obviously be at the door frame that is being opened, but the other foot should remain behind the door until you ascertain who is there and if you’ll let them in. Ensure that you have a foothold that will allow you to withstand an initial shove.
  • Also, only open the door wide enough to see who it is, hopefully, you have a chain lock on it as well. These may not be the best protection, easily breakable, but they will provide an additional barrier. Never open the door unless you know who it is and why they’re there. This is vitally important to those who may be disabled, weak, or elderly.
  • Take your phone to the door with you. With a landline, if it’s cordless, you can actively dial 911 and then hit send if there is any trouble. With a cellphone, it’s nearly as easy, as long as you don’t panic…which may be hard to do, but would you rather panic or seek help if someone is trying to enter your home unauthorized?

Now we come to the issue if someone assaults you either inside your home or while out and about. These will be mainly for women who are afraid of the potential of physical assault or sexual assault. Again, from a street-fighters point of view…they work very well;

If the attack surprises you in your home and they pin you on the floor or other object, for a sexual assault, you can do the following;

  • If a woman is in the process of being sexually assaulted or raped, she can place her hands on either side of his head and caress his face ‘lovingly’…then when not suspicious, gouge his eyes, at the corner by his nose, until a squishing noise is heard, or the eye pops out. It has the consistency of a grape so…Likewise the same would go for the testicles. They have the consistency of a plum and can also be easily crushed…both of these techniques will allow the victim to get away quickly.

Attack the attacker…again just like it sounds. There are several ways to do this…a shortlist;

  • Make your hand into a knife. Curl your first knuckle, and fingertips, under your hand and your thumb into the hand. Stiffen it as tight and hard as you can. You can now jab, hard if you please, into the solar plexus and/or throat. It will cause them to not be able to breathe & gag, possibly pass out. It could also kill them if the blow to the throat is strong enough and hits them in the right spot….
  • Take the heel of your hand and as hard as you can…hit and shove in and up at the base of the nose. It may or may not kill them, but they will be dazed hopefully with a very bloody nose.
  • Your elbow is a good weapon as well as your head…especially if you are grabbed from behind…use them. If you are grabbed from behind, ram your elbow into their stomach. If that doesn’t work, then as hard as you can, as with all these tips, throw your head backward to hit their face. Hopefully, you’ll hit their nose and break it as well as using your hands.
  • Smash your foot onto their in-step of their foot. This will make them hurt and usually let go. In addition to letting go of you, then it’ll be a tad harder for them to try and follow you because they’ll be limping and hard for them to walk.
  • The last technique, which is very effective for putting them on the ground and out for a bit is simple…kick the men in the balls and women in the same area of the crotch. men, and most women, will react by doubling over, again if the kick is sufficiently hard. When they double over, then introduce your knee to their face…hard. Put your hands on the back of their head and drive their face into your knee. This will put them on the ground and their nose will be broken and bloody like a piece of fresh liver ready to be fried.

I hope these tips will help you avoid being assaulted by anyone anywhere. Practice them as often as you can and be prepared for them. Remember women as old as 90 years of age and toddlers as young as 6 months have been raped. So, don’t let yourself be considered eazy pickins for a miscreant coward.

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It happens to Anyone…Any Time…Anywhere… For any Reason

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

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