Don’t Be Eazy Pickins – Other Necessary Items

Don’t Be Eazy Pickins – Other Necessary Items

Written by Robert D. Sollars

I’ve given you a lot of information about how not to be eazy pickins for thieves, burglars, ner’do wells, & miscreants. It may not be as detailed as you need but that is where your research skills are put to the test. This last post in the series will be listed in bullet format for quick reference and includes some self-defense techniques for both men and women.

While out and about:

  • Ensure that every door & window to the home is secure…even the doggie door. Don’t give anyone a chance to get in without leaving a sign, which would include broken glass, the door not hanging right (a chance it was broken into), as well as other items that may seem out of place.
  • Always attempt to park under a street light, if you’re disabled and don’t drive, encourage your friends to do it for their safety.
  • Ensure that you are not followed from the mall, restaurant, etc.
  • Always, always, check the back seat of your vehicle to ensure no one is hiding back there…a favorite spot for criminals to hide if you’re unaware of potential criminal activity…which many people, who always see the sunny side of the street.
  • Set the alarm systems, if you have one, and frequently check your home surveillance, again if you have them, this can alert you to activities and other behavior outside your home or apartment.
  • If allowed by state law, carry a personal protection device such as pepper spray (pepper foam s better if you can find it), Taser, or a concealed firearm, this will help to ensure that you won’t be attacked…if you’re aware of your situational awareness.
  • Put your keys between your fingers as you walk to your vehicle. If you are accosted the end of the keys make an excellent weapon to slash or poke the attacker in the face…and can leave very nasty slash marks on someone’s face. This also works while walking to your front doors or apartment door after being dropped off by a ride service or Uber.


While at home:

  • Always, check the home carefully to ensure that when entering, nothing is amiss. * Lock the doors behind you…including the garage doors. Ensure that the doors to your garage to the yard are solid core and not hollow. Doors are the primary area of entry for criminals…too many people leave their doors unlocked and the criminals can walk right in
  • Install an alarm system in your home, there are many good inexpensive options to assist you with this.
  • Install a ring doorbell, or another surveillance device, at the front. This will ensure that if anyone checks to see if you’re home while you’re gone…you’ll know. This also helps if you’re scared to go to the door.
  • Have any packages of alarm and surveillance equipment delivered to a different address, such as a significant other, work, parents, etc. You don’t want to let anyone know you’re ‘wiring’ your home for defense.
  • Trust your gut. Gut instinct is one of the items that may save your life or the life of someone you hold dear. If there is a niggling feeling, of dread as some call it, in the back of your mind or pit of your stomach…listen to it. You may not be able to put a finger on it but chances are something is amiss…somewhere.
  • Constantly be on the lookout for trampled flowers, grass, bent branches, the smell of smoke, body odor, etc. If your pet goes missing this could be another sign.
  • If anything is amiss or you do have an incident of some kind, make a police report immediately. This will be part of your documentation if something else were to occur.
  • I always teach in my security classes…Documentation, documentation, documentation. This means if it is not written down then it didn’t happen. Dates, times, and even all of the foul language that may be used and other such items, need to be thoroughly documented to show the police that something is/was amiss.
  • When installing cameras outside the home ensure that no one is observing you while doing so…this may be hard to do but you can try.
  • Take note of any strange vehicles in the neighborhood and possibly when, where, and how long they’ve been there. Don’t worry about being called Mrs. Kravitz or a busybody…the police need your help to stop these things.
  • If you are afraid of a stalker or something similar…drive around the neighborhood before pulling into the driveway looking for suspicious vehicles.

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