Do You Want the Blue or Red Pill?

Do You Want the Blue or Red Pill?

Written by Robert D. Sollars

It’s the holiday season and the perfect time to ask this question…In The Matrix, there was the idea of a blue pill & a red pill. Which do you want? Most people would want the blue pill. If you know the movie, why would they do that? That’s fairly simple to understand and even explain. They want their life to be the perfection they can imagine it to be!

The blue pill ensures that life goes on as it always has. You are ensconced in a world that is to your liking and you’re comfortable with. That’s what most people want. Not just their life, but with everything. All hunky-Dorey, rainbows filling the sky and not a care in the outside of their little slice of the world. No crime, no wars, no hunger, no abandoned kids or abused people. No homeless. Everything is perfectly acceptable to them.

On the other hand, the red pill takes you into a place where Alice didn’t really want to go…a hole that is filled with the truth and not fantasy. It’s that truth that drives us, the American people to want the blue pill.

The blue means everything is copasetic and all is right with the world…as long as you believe what you’re told. Red is the vile viciousness of the truth about nearly everything. And who wants to hear the truth about this stuff in the real world, except for those people like Moi, who only want to visit death & destruction information on you?

Take the blue and you hide your heads in the sand like an ostrich and eventually get bit, hard & bleeding, in the ass! But, listening to me, and others in security will get you the red pill. In other words, you’ll be prepared for when a security issue or workplace/school violence enters the organization! But, then it’s too, late and you’re forced to take the pill you don’t want.

I have to ask now… which would you rather be? The people who have no clue about WPV/SV, and the vitally important preventive measures, so that you cry, whine, moan, & blubber like an idiot and baby on the evening news? Or would you rather be alive and tell that because of the security plan and situational awareness of the staff you are still alive & kicking, instead of the alternative? It will keep you and your friends, loved ones, & colleagues alive and kicking.

I don’t like hearing people blubber, cry, whine, & moan on the news that they didn’t know what was happening. There is no excuse for that. The training is available for them, not to mention the posters, handouts, and entry talks when they’re hired. So why don’t they know what to do or how to act during an active shooter event or if someone becomes violent in the organization, with or without a firearm or other weapon?

Because they’ve taken the blue pill and refuse to come into the reality of the world and rattle their brains to what the truth really is. VIOLENCE IS A REAL POSSIBILITY in our world today. If you want to survive an incident, you have to know what the hell is going on and how to react to it!

I’ve been doing this kind of work for more than 40 years, as both an employee for security companies, from front-line officer to manager of operations. Yet, no one seems to take it seriously. Most of the time I’ve heard, and I mean these quotes;

“Oh, we don’t need that training! We have all great people here.”

“Oh my, no! They might get scared if we did that. If they get scared then production slows down and we won’t get it out on time!”

“That violence crap is a load of crap. We’ve never had a problem before and we never will. It’s all made up hooey by your security people!”

I’m here to tell you, that it’s not hooey and I’ve got the statistics, from differing sources, to back it up. My mission on this ball of blue mud is one thing and one thing only…to show people how to protect themselves, their families, friends, co-workers, and colleagues. I can teach, but if they refuse to listen and learn, then they might be the next one on the news blubbering, crying, moaning, and not being able to talk.     Twitter: RobertSollars2     e-mail:

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