Did We Eclipse the Numbers from  October?

Did We Eclipse the Numbers from  October?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Learned of an incident on September 3rd, occurring in the county jail in Savannah, GA. An inmate was severely beaten by 5 deputies for no apparent reason.

Also, after I had already closed the file for last month, I learned of 2 school violent incidents:

Mt. Clemons, MI, on the 29th of November, where a 10—year-old boy planned to kill classmates who were bullying him…fortunately, the boy he asked to help turned him in before anyone was hurt.

The other incident also happening on the 29th, occurred in Lawrenceville, TX. Where a teenager assaulted and brutally beat a teacher in the classroom during class time.

It was not a month for Thanksgiving for so many families this month as the number of WPV/SV mass murders, and regular mass killings, increased this month. Just look at the University of Virginia football team shootings and Wal-Mart.


Houston, TX. November 1 (bowling)        1d

Utica, NY. November 1 (school)                      1w

Kingman, AZ. November 2 (school)           0

Mesa, AZ. November 2 (restaurant)           1d  2w

Glendale, AZ. November 3 (business)         1d  2w

Phoenix, AZ. November 6 (political)           0

Charlottesville, VA. November 13 (school) 3d  2w

Tucson, AZ. November 14 (retail)              2d  1w

Tucson, AZ. November 14 (prison)             0

Moore Cty, OH. November 14 (threat)        0

Phoenix, AZ. November 14 (retail)             0

Albuquerque, NM. November 15 (school)   1d  3w

Las Angeles, CA. November 15 (retail)       1d  1w

Whittier, CA. November 16 (mass assault)      26w

Colorado Springs, CO. November 19 (gay nightclub)   5d  26w

Ingham, MA. November 21 (Apple)           1d  19w

Chesapeake, VA. November 22 (retail)       7d  6w

Mesa, AZ. November 23 (store)                          1w

Phoenix, Az. November 26 (hotel)              1d

Phoenix, AZ. November 26 (gas station)     1d

Lawrenceville, TX. November 29 (school)         1w

Mt. Clemons, MI. November 29 (school)     0

November:   23 Incidents   25 dead   89 wounded


Year-to-Date: 11,746                          Arizona: 106

161 Dead   293 wounded

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