Did the start of monsoon season deluge us with death?

Did the start of monsoon season deluge us with death?

Compiled by Robert d. Sollars

Learned in mid-June, that an emergency room employee in Sumter, SC. Was killed by a kick to the groin, on the 27tyh, by a patient who had been referred for a psychiatric evaluation. He died several days later. 2 other employees were injured as well.

Also in May, on the 28th, a 5th grader in Cape Coral, FL. Was taken into custody for threatening to shoot up a school because he was upset.


Chandler, AZ. June 1 (threat)       0

Tulsa, OK. June 2 (hospital)           5D

Ames, IA. (June 2)                           3d

Summerton, SC. June 2 (school)  4d

Encino, CA. June 3rd (hospital)                     3d

Mesa, AZ. (bar)                                2d

Philadelphia, PA. June 5                3d11w

Chattanooga, Tn. June 5 (nightclub)

Casa Grande, AZ. June 5 (threat)                0

Phoenix, AZ. June 7 (take out)     1w

Smithsburg, MD. (manufacturing)          3d3w

Gadsden, AL. June 10 (school threat)     1d

Coeur d’Alene, ID. June 13 (threat/police)    0

Phoenix, AZ. June 14 (police ambushed)      1w

Laveen, AZ. June 14 (Uber)                              1w

El Monte, CA. June 15 (DV)                             3d

Phoenix, AZ.June 15 (C-store)                          0

Phoenix, AZ. June 16 (nightclub)                     2w

Vestavia Hills, AL. June 16 (church)                 2d1w

Memphis, TN. June 19 (restaurant)                  0

Phoenix, AZ. June 20 (police ambush)             0

Glendale, AZ. June 24 (doordash)                    1d

Cincinnati, OH. Junwe24 (courtroom)             1w

New York, NY. June 26 (political)                      1w

Cordes Lake, AZ.June 28 (police)                      1d

June:   23 incidents   22 dead   21 wounded


Year-to-Date: 11,600                        Arizona:41

81 Dead   112 wounded

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