Did the New Year Start Out Deadly?

Written & Compiled By Robert D. Sollars

Because of politics, as happened a lot last year, along with the coronavirus, no it didn’t…at least in the media circles, I pay attention to. The total count was only 12 incidents for the month, with most of them in the Phoenix area.

As I usually say at the end of the year, don’t think that Phoenix is a dangerous place to be. Larger cities have many more WPV incidents than Phoenix, they just ain’t reported in the national media very often. Some get reported, obviously, such as the KFC incident last summer and the phone store incident earlier, but generally…

January had a month full of wounded people and more than a few deaths. But having those numbers rival the number of incidents is more than unusual.


Phoenix, AZ. January 2 (gas station)          1d 1w

Phoenix,January 4 (gas station)                 1d 1w

Washington D.C. January 6 (riot)               2d 4w

Phoenix, AZ. January 9 (motel)                  1d

Phoenix, AZ. January 12 (business)            1d

Scottsdale January 16 (Lift)                               1w

Phoenix January 17 (Nightclub)                  1d  6w

Phoenix, AZ. January 17 (restaurant)               5w

Goodyear, AZ. January 17 (Walgreens)     1d

Austin, TX. January 26 (doctors bldg.)      2d

Paradise Valley, AZ. January 30 (resort)   1d

Phoenix, AZ.  January 30 (retail)                        1w

January: 12 incidents   3 dead  19 wounded


Year-to-Date: 12 Arizona: 10

13 Dead    19 wounded

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