Did the halfway point of the year slow down the deaths?

Did the halfway point of the year slow down the deaths?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Learned more details of several church fires in Douglas, AZ. Last month. I didn’t report them, because the cause was uncertain. A man was arrested and apparently totally homophobic and anti-feminist. One of the churches is led by a female and the other by an openly gay male.

Also, in New Hampshire, 3 men were charged with the harassment of a couple of NPR reporters for a story they did last year concerning the director of a rehab and addiction center sexually abusing patients.

The teacher that was shot in Newport News, VA. In April by a mentally disturbed 6-year-old resigned from her position with the district.


New Bedford, MA. June 2 (school bus)    1w

Scottsdale, AZ. June 4 (hotel)                      1w

Glendale, AZ. June 4 (entertainment)      0

Glendale, CA. June 6 (school)                      3w

Tempe, AZ. June 6 (vandalism)                   0

Richmond, VA. June 6 (graduation)          2d     6w

Scottsdale, AZ. June 7 (hotel)                       1w

Glendale, AZ. June 9 (retail)                         1d

Chandler, AZ. June 12 (gas line)                  1w

Phoenix, AZ. June 14 (C-store)                    1w

Dorchester, MA. June 14 (school)              1w

Bullhead City, AZ. June 15 (threats)          0

Phoenix, AZ. June 20 (threat)                      0

Tucson, AZ. June 21 (church)                       0

Phoenix, AZ. June 23 (arson)                       0

Phoenix, AZ. June 25 (bar)                            2w

Mesa, AZ. June 27 (arson)                            0

June:    17 incidents    3  dead      15 wounded


Year-to-date: 18,198       Arizona: 65

93 Dead                               184 Wounded

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