Did the Dog Days of Summer become deadly?

I think the dog days themselves just rolled over and tried to stay cool under a tree! Not many incidents this month, fatal or not, probably because of politics, political conventions, the virus, and other concerns of the media.

I digress with it; therefore, I post the numbers of WPV/SV incidents that I receive on a monthly basis. Not all of these listed incidents are fatal nor are they physical assaults, but many are verbal, vandalism, arson, and other forms of WPV/SV. Look for these on a monthly basis, around the first of every month.

obviously, being involved with this, I would think that they would want to ‘champion’ the idea of preventing WPV/SV everywhere and worry about parents not having their kids come home from school, or the kids worrying about their parents not coming home from work.

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Washington D.C. August 10 (political)           1w

DeLand, FL. August 11 (hospital)                  1w

Tucson, AZ. August 11 (political)                  0

Los Angeles, CA. August 13 (airport)           1w

Phoenix, AZ. August 13 (airport)                    1w

Glendale, AZ. August 14 (strip mall)               2d

New York, NY. August 14 (prison)                  2w

San Antonio, TX. August 16 (flea market)      1d4w

Cedar Park, TX. August 16 (DV)                       3w

Weslaco, TX. August 17 (Wal-Mart)                 1d

Portland, OR. August 18 (protest)                  5w

Prince George’s Cty, MD. August 23(DV ambush) 3w

Kenosha, WI. August 25 (protests)                2d1w

Phoenix, AZ. August 26 (protest)                   0

Phoenix, AZ. August 27 (motel)                    1d

Mesa, AZ. August 27 (DV)                             4w

Charlotte, NC. August 27 (convention)         0

August:  17 incidents 7 dead 26 wounded

Year-to-date:  162 incidents Arizona: 51

84 dead   184 wounded

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