Did the autumn season coming lessen the dying?

It may seem so with the numbers I collected below. But then again, how often does a single shooting in a location across the country ever interest the media? With the protests, politics, & the divisiveness in the country, it’s no wonder that the numbers I’ve collected are lower than normal…except for Arizona.

It seems like Arizona is the hot spot for violence this year, but most of you should know that’s not true. WPV/SV is everywhere you wish to look, just not someone getting shot. Plenty of incidents below of no one getting seriously injured but the fact is doesn’t lessen the impact that the event was, in actuality, WPV.


Phoenix, AZ. September 2(grocery store)       1w     1d

Phoenix, AZ. September 4 (nail salon)           0

Ann Arbor, MI. September 6 (political)         0

Phoenix, AZ. September 12 (motel)                        1d

Los Angelas, CA. September 12 (police)       2w

Phoenix, AZ. September 15 (courthouse)     1w

Phoenix, AZ. September 17 (police)               1w

Fresno, CA. September 18 (restaurant)          0

Oak Creek, AZ. September 19 (resort)            1w

Buffalo, NY. September 20 (political)            0

Columbus, OH. September 20 (gun show)     3w     1d

Nogales, AZ. September 21 (illegal immigrant) 1w   1d

Louisville, TN. September 23 (police)           2w

Phoenix, AZ. September 24 (arson)                0

Columbus, OH. September 26 (football)      1w

Detroit, MI. September 28 (strip club)         6w

September:  15 incidents  4 dead  19 wounded

Year-to-date:  178 incidents  Arizona: 59

88 dead   203 wounded

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