Did Murder Take a Break with the Fall in Temps?

Did Murder Take a Break with the Fall in Temps?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Learned of an August incident in Boston, MA. A bomb threat was phoned into Boston Children’s Hospital due to the hospital’s notice that it would treat transgendered children…basically providing them the same care as any other patient.


Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 1 (grp home) 1w

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 1 (school threat)       0

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 1 (school threat)       0

Jacksonville, NC. Sept. 1 (school)           1d2w

Baltimore, MD. Sept. 2 (school)           1d

Goodyear, AZ. Sept.3 (parking lot)         2w

St. Paul, MN. Sept. 3 (state fair)           1w

Las Vegas, NV. Sept. 3 (journalist)         1d

Scottsdale, AZ. Sep. 6 (threat)                0

Scottsdale, AZ. Sep. 6 (threat)                0

Paradise Valley, AZ. Sept. 7 (threat)       0

Memphis, TN. Sept. 8 (store)                 1d

)the above incident was a result of a spree that left 4 dead and 3 wounded. Only occurred in a business)

Chandler, AZ. Sept8 (under-age sexual) 1w

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 9 (‘popping noises’)  0

Daytona, FL. Sept. 9 (hoax)                     0

Phoenix, AZ. Sept 10 ((nail salon)          1d1w

Avondale, AZ. Sept. 11 (barber shop)     2d

Scottsdale, AZ. Sept. 11 (hospital)         0

Boston, MA. Sept. 12 (school)                1w

Surprise, AZ. Sept 12 (school)                 0

Tempe, AZ. Sept. 12 (threat)                  0

Dorchester, MA. Sept 12                        1w

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 13 I(school)               0

Boston, MA. Sept. 13 (college)               0

Buffalo, NY. Sept. 13(school)                  1w

Middletown, NY. (September 15 (school)                0

Middletown, NY. (September 15 (school)                0

Gilbert, AZ. Sept. 16 (school dance)       0

Litchfield Park, AZ. Sept. 18 (restau)      1w

Bullhead City, AZ. Sept. 20 (Cstore)       2w


Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 23 (C-Store)  1w

Phoenix, AZ. Sept,. 24 (police)    1d

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 24 (air flight) 1w

Glendale, AZ. Sept. 25 (bar)         1d

East Syracuse, N.Y. Sept. 25 (school)       0

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 26 (political)  0

Philadelphia, PA. Sept, 27 (school)     1d4w

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 27 (C-Store)  1w

Oakland, CA. Sept. 27 (school)    6w

Sherwood, AR. Sept. 28 (hospital)          1d

New York, NY. Sept. 30 (FDNY)   1d

September:  42 incidents  12 dead  26 wounded

Year-to-Date: 11,673                          Arizona: 83

118 Dead   176 wounded

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