Did March blow away with the bluster of violence?

Did March blow away with the bluster of violence?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Learned of an assault in Nutley, NJ. At the middle school that occurred on February 10. The student that was injured was only injured, after being bullied.

Also learned about an incident on February 17, in which 2 students entered Casa Grande, CA. High School intent on assaulting another student. They were both chased off without any further injuries or trauma.

On February 27, a male defendant broke away from court officers in a bid to escape from a murder charge. He was later tracked down in an apartment not far from the courthouse under a child’s blanket.

A former graduate student at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, was arrested and charged in relation to threats he’d made against a number of faculty, students, & professors at the school. He was currently enrolled at a university in Copenhagen Denmark.

On February 17, a father called in two bomb threats to two separate schools in Windsor Locks, CT. The reasoning for these? He was in a dispute with school dministration over him parking in the fire lane in front of the schools!


Oklahoma City, OK. (March 1)            1d

Jamaica Plain, MA. March 1 (cannabisdispensary)        0

Phoenix, AZ. March 1 (school)                                    0

Santa Rosa, CA. March 1 (school)                                1d

Petaluma, CA. March 2 (school)                                  1w

Phoenix, AZ. March 2 (C-Store)          2d

Nutley, NJ. March 2 (school)               1w

Dallas, TX. March 6 (air flight)            1w

Phoenix, AZ. March 5 (pkng lot)         1d

Boston, MA. March 5 (air flight)         2w

Miami, FL. March 8 (ambush)             1w

Phoenix, AZ. March 8 (tour bus stop) 1w

Los Angeles, CA. March 8 (drugs)       1d3w

Mesa, AZ. March 11 (coffee shop)      4w

Hermann, MO. March 12 (ambush)   1d1w

Burbank, CA. March 13 (school)         3w

Phoenix, AZ. March 14 (suicide)         1d

New York, NY. March 14 (school 3)    3w

Phoenix, AZ. March 14 (C-Store)        1w

Mesa, AZ. March 14 (fast food)          1w

Phoenix, AZ. March 19 (prkng lot)      1d

Arlington, TX. March 21 (*school)      2w

Denver, CO. March 22 (school)           1d2w

Boston, MA.March 22 (school bus)    1w

Phoenix, AZ. March 23 (retail)           1d

Phoenix, AZ. March 23 (plane threat) 0

Phoenix, AZ. March 24 (police ambush)         1w

Buckeye, AZ. March 26 ( prison)         1d

Scottsdale, AZ. March 27 (nightclub) 1w

Nashville, TN. March 27 (school)        7d1w

Surprise, AZ. March 27 (retail)           1d

New York, NY. March 29 (subway)     1w

March:  36 Incidents     20 Dead  31 Wounded


Year-to-date: 136                    Arizona: 34

60 Dead                       95 Wounded

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