Did January spark a New Year with fewer Incidents?

Did January spark a New Year with fewer Incidents?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Don’t have a date or year on these incidents, so not including it in the overall numbers this month: Boston medical assistant faces new sexual assault charges after the second patient comes forward

An East Boston man who worked as a medical assistant at a Massachusetts General Hospital health center is facing new sexual assault charges after a second patient came forward to police.

On December 6, in ANADARKO, OK, a man attacked several ER personnel and police officers screaming that they were the anti-christ & devils while he was Jesus Christ with a crown of ‘fuc****’ on his head. He later admitted that he was on meth and smoking pot. No injuries were serious, just bruising.


Phoenix, AZ. January 3 (DV)              1w

Chelsea, MA. January 3 (grocery)       1w

Boston, MA. January 4 (school)          2w

Baltimore, MD. January 4 (mall)        3w   3d

Los Angeles, CA. January 4 (school)            1d

Boston, MA. January 5 (school)          2w

Portland, OR. January 5 (school)        1w

Newport News, VA. January 6 (school)    1w

Phoenix, AZ. January 8 (retail)                       1d

Albuquerque, NM. January 12 (political)  0

Phoenix, Az. January 12 (C-Store)                 1d

Miami, FL. January 16 (C-Store)          1w

Tucson, AZ. January 16 (clinic)           0

Buckeye, AZ. January 19 (school)       0

Fordham Heights, NY. January 19 (school)                   0

Casa Grande, AZ. January 20 (school) 0

Los Angeles, CA. January 21 (flight)           3w

Baton Rouge, LA. January 22 (nightclub)    12w

New York, NY. January 22 (subway)              2w

Monterey Park, CA. January 23 (dance club) 9w    11d

Boston, MA. January 23 (school)                      1w

Des Moines, IA. January 23 (school)                          2d

Half Moon Bay, CA. January 23 (2 sites)          1W    7d

Miami, FL. January 24 (school)                          2w

Casa Grande, AZ. January 25 (school)              0

El Mirage, AZ. January 26 (school)                   0

Eloy, AZ. January 26 (threats@3 sites)            0

Manchester, NH. January 27 (bar)                            1d

Flagstaff, AZ. January 30 (school)                     1w

Omaha, NE. January 31 (retail)                         0

Boston, MA. January 31 (retail)                                   1d

January: 32 Incidents   26 Dead  44 Wounded


Year-to-date: 32                        Arizona: 10

26 Dead                       44 Wounded

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