Did January give a Fresh Start for Murder?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Heard on the 6th of January, that on December 31st last year, a New York teacher administered a dose of the virus vaccine to a teenager, a student of hers, in her home. She was arrested on the 4th, which is why it’s been listed for January 2022 and not 2021. It’s unknown if the dose was real, fake, or if the teen was monitored after the fact.

Also, on the 15th of January, the FAA released an updated number of ‘disruptive passengers’ on domestic flights across the country. They stated that they had already received 76 reports of assaults (both physical & verbal) to flight crews in 2022. This is approx. 5 per day, or more, depending on the overall numbers being reported. That number is way down from last year, but…still far too damned high. Just because you have to wear a mask, doesn’t mean you can assault someone. Those 150 assaults are reported at the end of this report, just not the actual incidents.


Milwaukee, WI. January 2 (fast food)             1d

Phoenix, AZ. January 4 (mall)                          0

Sea Cliff, NY. January 4 (illegal vaccine)          0

Prescott, AZ. January 5 (bank)                         1d

Rockford, IL. January 5 (school)                             2w

Phoenix, AZ. January 6 (C-Store)                           1w

Surprise, AZ. January 10 (school)                    0

Rancho Cucamonga, CA. January 10 (retail parking)      1d

Ft. Meyers, FL. January 10 (hospital)                     2w

Avondale, AZ. January 13 (school)                  0

Glendale, AZ. January 13 (school)                   0

Phoenix, AZ. January 13 (fast food)                          1w

Los Angeles, CA. January 13 (nightclub)                1w

Colleyville, TX. January 15 (synagogue)          1d

Fairless Hills, IL. January 15 (hospital)                  1w

Sun City, AZ. January 16 (assisted living)         2d

Phoenix, AZ. January 18 (school)                    0

Middletown, PA. January 18 (school)                    2w

Phoenix, AZ. January 19 (motel)                     1d

Marshall-Shapeland, PA. January 19 (school) 1d

Seminole CTY, FL. January 19 (school/DV)     0

Pittsburgh, PA. January 20 (school)                        7w

Pittsburgh, PA. January 21 (school)                        1w

Pittsburgh, PA. January 21 (school)                        1w

Pittsburgh, PA. January 21 (school)                       1w

Tempe, AZ. January 21 (school)                      0

Princeton, WVa. January 22 (hospital)                 3w

Burnsville, MN. January 22 (hospital)                 2w

Tucson, AZ. January 24 (school vandals)        0

Philadelphia, PA. January 27 (NBA game)      0

Scottsdale, AZ. January 30 (hotel)                  1d

January:  181 incidents  9 Dead  23 Wounded


Year-to-Date: 181    Arizona: 13

9 Dead   23 wounded


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