Did February Bring Love or Death?

Did February Bring Love or Death?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Found out about a convicted felon, and father of a teenager, who interrupted a fight between girls’ basketball teams in Corrina, CA. on the 25th of January. He went to his car and pulled a firearm, aiming it at several other teens. He then got in the car and left, later being arrested.

24 Boston transit employees were assaulted in December, most were bus drivers. Twenty of these assaults were committed against bus operators, five of which were physical in nature. Two workers were struck and three were spat or coughed upon, said MBTA Chief Safety Officer Ronald Ester. And people still want to believe the OSHA statistics and the government…what a crock

In New York City & its boroughs so far this school year, there have been 2,984 weapons found at city schools, according to the NYPD, including eight guns, 168 Tasers or stun guns, and 1,192 knives. For the entire previous school year, there were 2,554 weapons found, including 12 guns and 1,104 knives.

According to the preliminary Mayor’s Management Report, there were 346 major felonies in the 2021-22 academic year, compared to 288 in the 2019-20 academic year, which was disrupted by the COVID-19 lockdown in March of that year.

Sigh, another incident just heard about, and police were just notified 2 weeks ago. In January, a Superintendent of the Rising Star School District in Texas left his firearm in an elementary school bathroom. It was discovered by a 3rd grader and turned over to a teacher.


Mesa, AZ. February 2 (school)                    0

Wilmington, DE. February 2 (school)        0

Wilmington, DE. February 2 (school)        0

Sayreville, J. February 2 (political)                1d

Phoenix, AZ. February 6 (C-Store)                 1d

Phoenix, AZ. February 6 (arena)                 3w

Middletown, DE. February 6 (school)       0

Arlington, VA. February 6 (school)            0

Arlington, VA. February 7 (school)            0

Newburg, CA. February 7 (school)             0

Newburg, CA. February 7 (school)             0

Brooklyn, NY. February 8 (school)             3w

Vermont February 9 (21swatting)                0

Boston, MA. February 9 (school)                   0

Boston, MA. February 9 (school)                   0

Cottonwood, AZ. February 9 (school)           0

Michigan W/O February 6 (12 swattings)    0

St. Paul, MN. February 10 (school)                    1d

  1. Lansing, MI. February 13 (school)      5W   4d

Green Bay, WI. February 14 (court)             1w

Ardmore, SC. February 14 (retail)                          1d

Phoenix, AZ. February 15 (retail)                  1w

El Paso, TX. February 15 (mall)                    3w  1d

Miami, FL. February 15 (HSsoccar)            2w

Exeter, CA. February 17 (school)                0

Tempe, AZ. February 17 (DV mall)                  0

Framingham, MA. February 17 (false alarm)         0

Chandler, AZ. February 18 (manu)            1d1w

Philadelphia, PA. February 18 (school)    1D

Tempe, AZ. February 19 (drag show)       0

Boulder, CO. February 22 (schools)          0

These bomb threats were reported across the state of Colorado, at least 12 of them. Boulder was the 1st city listed in the report.

Pine Hills, FL. February 22 (crime scene) 3d2w

Pine Coast, FL. February 22 (school)         1w

Raliegh, NC. February 23 (school)              0

February: 74 Incidents    13 Dead 21 Wounded


Year-to-date: 99                                  Arizona: 18

39 Dead                       65 Wounded

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