Did December Bid Goodwill to Everyone?

Did December Bid Goodwill to Everyone?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Unfortunately, December saw larger than-normal violence numbers, throughout the country. Assaults, verbal tirades at people, murders, arson, vandalism, and all of the myriad of other ways to commit were presented to us. This included the normal amount of bomb threats at schools and universities.

Watch for the accounting of each state’s numbers coming up on Tuesday next week. It may open your eyes to the issue…maybe.


Tempe, AZ. December 1 (threat)               0

Akron, OH. December 1 (school)               1w

Scottsdale, AZ. December 2 (school)        0

Jackson, MS. December 2 (school)            1d

Boston, MA. December 6 (laundromat)        1d

Phoenix, AZ. December 7 (vandalism)     0

Phoenix, AZ. December 8 (fast food)        1d1w

Mesa, AZ. December 8 (retail)    1d

Milwaukee, Wi. December 9 (USPS)         1d

Missoula, MT. December 9 (threat)          0

Billings, MT. December 9 (threat)             0

Red Lodge, MT. Dec. 9 (threat)                   0

Forsyth, MT. December 9 (threat)             0

Milwaukee, WI. December 10 (concert) 0

Towson, MD. December 10 (threats)       0

Tempe, AZ. December 10 (college)           2w

Phoenix, AZ. December 12 (election)       0

Glendale, AZ. Dec. 14 (concert)  1w

Chandler, AZ. Dec. 14 (warehouse)          1d1w

Medford, MA. De. 14 (Tufts U-3)               0

Kansas City, MO. December 16 (airport) 1w

Medford, MA. December 16 (Tufts U)       0

Medford, MA. December 19 (Tufts U)     0

Miami, FL. December 20 (airport)              1w

Phoenix, AZ. December 21 (C-Store)        2d

Bloomington, MN. December 22 (mall)   1d

Phoenix, AZ. December 24 (parking lot)  1w

Phoenix, AZ. December 26 (C-store)        1d

Boston, MA. December 30 (bus)                1w

Phoenix, AZ. December 31 (nightclub)    9w

New York, NY. December 31 (ambush)   3w

December:  43 incidents 10 Dead  21 Wounded

(The additional numbers that ensure that the total number of incidents doesn’t correspond with the number of cities is because all I got was the number in each state…and no cities for New Hampshire)

Year-to-Date: 11,785                          Arizona: 118

171 Dead   313 wounded

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