Did August invite the dog days of summer to Tamp Down the Violence?

Did August invite the dog days of summer to Tamp Down the Violence?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Learned early in the month, that a shooting occurred during a football practice game between Oakland, CA., and Fresno, CA. This was a “Bantam” or pee wee league. This is the 2nd such incident this year involving the Oakland Dynamite. Fortunately, no one was killed and only wounded, including a 6-year-old girl.

Also learned of an incident in June between two employees of, as the article stated “nation’s largest pharmacy chain stores”. One teenage employee had reported unwanted and hostile sexual advances by an older employee. The teen was eventually murdered by the male employee in an employee restroom, as the report stated, in a brutal and horrific way.

Also, it was reported that Howard University endured 8 bomb threats in 2020. That’s far higher than any school I’ve ever heard of. 2 or 3 in a year, but never 8 at such a large and prestigious university.


Chandler, AZ. August 1 (threat)   0

Las Vegas, NV. August 4 (hotel)          1d     2w

Calhoun Cty. AL. August 6 (jail)                   1w

Cincinnati, OH. August 7 (nightclub)           9w

Cincinnati, OH. August 11 (govt)               0

El Mirage, AZ. August 12 (threat)             0

Washington D.C. August 13 (govt)      1d

Mercer, PA. August 15 (threat)                 0

Gurnee, IL. August 15 (amusement park)      3w

New Orleans, LA. August 19 (school bus)       0

Phoenix, AZ. August 21 (nightclub)         1d

Fremont, CA. August 21 (school)                      0

Tucson, AZ. August 24 (school threat)             0

Tucson, AZ. August 25 (police)                    4d

Queen Creek, AZ. August 25 (school threat)  0

Prescot Valley, AZ. August 27 (school threat)                    0

New York, NY. August 27 (Coney Island)    1D     4W

Bend, OR. August 28 (grocery store)            3D

Phoenix, AZ. August 28 (several locals)          3D     5W

Cochise Cty. August 29 (school threat)            0

Oakland, CA. August 29 (school)                              1W

Kingman, AZ. August 31 (school)                    0

Phoenix, AZ. August 31 (school)                       0

Pinnell CTY (August 31 (school)                        0

August: 24 incidents    14 dead  23  wounded


Year-to-Date: 11,646                        Arizona:62

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